Using Artificial Turf to Accent an Existing Garden or Outdoor Space

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You may already have a natural lawn in your backyard but may want to incorporate extra grass throughout the landscape. Artificial grass or synthetic turf – however you choose to call it – does not have to be installed as a full lawn. It can be used as an accent to an existing garden. There are a couple of design options you can adopt in your landscape using synthetic turf. When properly installed, artificial turf can gorgeously complement the landscape and hardscapes found around your garden. Below are some design ideas utilizing artificial grass that you should definitely consider:

  • Wall Coverings

A creative way of adding synthetic turf to your yard is by using it to cover a free-standing or patio wall. To give the illusion that your natural lawn extends to the wall, use artificial grass with hues similar to the colors of your natural grass.

  • Pavers and Stepping Stones

You can either place pieces of artificial turf to serve as “stepping stones” around your yard or you could install them between actual stepping stones and concrete pavers to enhance the look and feel of your backyard.

  • Ponds

Consider installing artificial grass around ponds and pool areas in your yard. Adding lush, green natural-looking artificial turf can help spruce up the areas around your pool or ponds, enhancing the overall look of the landscape.

  • Rooftops

Let’s say you happen to live in the city and want to enjoy your rooftop outdoor space, taking in spectacular views of the skyline with family and/or friends. You could consider adding a nice patch of artificial turf to the space to create your very own rooftop oasis.

  • Lawns

You can add artificial turf to an existing natural lawn. If you are feeling creative, lining your natural lawn with artificial turf can create a nice contrast and lovely dynamic between the two colors and textures.

  • Patios

Create a patio in your backyard by adding a large patch of synthetic turf, outdoor furniture and a shade. You can use this area to entertain guests or just enjoy a lovely afternoon by yourself, relaxing and unwinding.

  • Pet Areas

You can carve out an area, space permitting, in your backyard where your pets can play. Use artificial grass to create an area where your pets can run around freely and play without ruining your natural lawn. Since artificial grass is much more durable than natural grass, you should definitely consider this option if you have pets that like to run around a lot.

  • Putting Greens

For the avid golfers out there looking to improve your putting and chipping abilities, you should definitely consider adding a putting green to your backyard where you can conveniently practice your golf or just play with your friends and family. This is a wonderful addition to your backyard and can be added if your backyard space allows and even if you already have a natural lawn.

  • House Interior

Technically, this article is about ways to add artificial grass to your outdoor applications but we thought we’d just throw it in there that artificial grass can be used indoors as well.  There are many ways of incorporating artificial turf into the interior of your home. Some people use artificial grass as floor coverings or even on accent walls. The possibilities are endless. If you are feeling adventurous and are the the creative sort, you too can incorporate patches of artificial grass around the interiors of your home.

These are just some of the many artificial grass design options you can choose to use in your home. FiveSTAR Landscape’s experts can provide you with more design ideas to suit your style and needs. Located in Roseville, FiveSTAR Landscape is the go-to artificial grass supply store in Northern California. We service Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Rocklin and Loomis. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information about our products and if you have any questions regarding all aspects of synthetic turf.

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