Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation and Drainage in Landscape Design

Proper irrigation and drainage are crucial to a custom landscape design. These systems allow you to easily and efficiently water your lawn and keep it healthy. Upgrading your current irrigation system can also have a dramatic effect on your water bill and the environment.

FiveStar Landscape is proud to be one of the leading providers of irrigation and drainage services in the Greater Sacramento area, serving all cities including:

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Using the latest in water conservation techniques and significant testing, our experts can easily be your solution to water and drainage, and help you save water in both your front and back yard.

One issue that is extremely important in landscape planning, but which is sadly all too often not thoroughly understood, is the issue of irrigation and drainage. When you really understand the drainage on your property, you can plan planting seeds that will maximize your water use, eliminate the need for excessive watering, and keep all your plants healthy and vibrant.

Irrigation in landscaping

Irrigation, of course, is how you get water to your plants. There are many different options, from holding a hose over your plants to installing an elaborate system of timers and sprinklers. We recommend the latter. Your plants are going to be a lot healthier if they are watered regularly, and most people don’t want to have to remember to go out and water them every day or several times a week. Also, you can maximize water absorption by setting your timers to water at night, when evaporation is going to be the lowest.

Irrigation is about a lot more than just how to water your plants in your yard, though. Water prices are high and many people are wanting to water their landscaping designs less both to save money and to relieve thee burden on our reservoirs and ground water. The good news is that you can have a beautiful landscape without having to water every day.

Native desert plants, Mediterranean herbs, and succulents are all great options for low-irrigation landscaping. If you want the look of a lush yard, you can also opt for artificial grass that requires no irrigation at all. As an added bonus, there are programs in California to help pay for water-friendly landscaping designs like this!

Drainage in landscaping

The other side of irrigation is drainage. This is how quickly the water drains from the soil. Even in dry areas, you need to have soil that has adequate drainage. A clayey soil will have problems with water stagnating for a long period of time, possibly long enough to damage the roots of your plants. Then, when the ground dries up, it cracks and becomes incredibly hard so that it does not absorb water well the next time you water it or the next time it rains.

If you want healthy soil that fosters healthy plants, you have to have plenty of organic matter in the soil. This will help to promote drainage. For plants that love poor soils, you need even more drainage. One way to promote adequate drainage is by building berms and planting your drainage-loving plants on the top of them.

Of course, there is more to drainage than just adding compost to your soil. You may have areas of your yard that need major drainage support, such as a low-lying area that collects water. Here at FiveStar Landscape Design, we specialize in creating innovative ways of dealing with drainage challenges, such as by building a French drain under an area that tends to gather water.

Even in the driest times, it is still important to make sure that your landscape design is planned for adequate drainage. Your plants will thank you and you will see the difference in the health of your yard. Call FiveStar Landscape Design today for a FREE estimate!

Water-Smart Irrigation and Landscapes

Irrigation services are one of the most important parts of creating a healthier landscape during the drought. Better irrigation allows the water you do use to be more efficient, and drainage ensures that it reaches the roots easily without damaging your lawn. Drainage can also prevent mosquitos, in some cases, from turning your lawn into their home. With what you save on your water bill, your irrigation additions will start paying you back over time.

FiveStar Landscape is proud to offer a Sacramento Drought Tolerant Landscape Design and we specialize in adding irrigation and drainage to custom landscape designs. Contact us today at (916) 735-1100 to find out more about irrigation, drainage, and other water conservation landscape services.

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