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FiveStar Landscape is a Fair Oaks based landscaper that is proud to provide quality services to the Sacramento Area and the Greater Sacramento Area. We are one of the best providers of complete award winning landscape services, with affordable pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Take a look at tour landscape design and installation services below to find out more about our premium landscape services. Feel free to contact us at 916-735-1100 to discuss your specific landscape design, landscaping installation or hardscape design needs. We are located in Fair Oaks, CA and service the greater Sacramento area and are well known as one of Sacramento’s leading providers of stunning landscape designs throughout the valley. Reach out today and discover what FiveSTAR Landscape Design can do for your front/ back yard landscape.

» Landscape Installation

Landscape Services Folsom - Installation

Our landscape design installation team is a certified crew of landscape experts. From proper placement and locations of flowers to lighting and drainage. Trust FiveSTAR Landscape to install the landscape design of your dreams. From landscape lighting installation to drought resistant landscape installation, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento has installed thousands of landscape design projects. Our crew of installers are second to none in the Sacramento area for properly executed landscape installation techniques and every inch of your yard is planned with future growth in mind. If you are looking for an award winning landscape installation team in Sacramento, you have come to the right place at FiveSTAR Landscape Design. Read More: Landscape Installation Sacramento >>

» Landscape Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Design

Our Landscape Designers are an Award Winning Team of brilliant thinkers, creative planners and experts in horticulture design. We work with you to create the landscape design layout and planning you can only dream of. We can design a landscape that makes the smallest backyard user friendly and maximizes space or turn an arce into a dream outdoor living environment. Whether its an outdoor kitchen, custom hardscape or paver stone walkways you are looking to incorporate into your landscape design, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento can achieve your dreams and make them a reality. Let our award winning landscape design team create a stunning plan for your new construction or landscape design renovation project today. Read More: Landscape Design Sacramento >>

» Landscape Renovation

Landscape Services Folsom -Renovations and Remodeling

If you are looking to remodel your backyard or front-yard landscape design, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento can help. Our crew of Landscape design and landscape Installation remodeling/ renovation experts will give you piece of mind knowing your landscape design transformation will go very smooth. Remodeling a landscape design takes much thought and strategy in the concept and landscape design planning stage. From removing current plants that have become overgrown to incorporating new features like hardscapes, paver stones, concrete and walkways, renovation of a landscape is a very thought-out process. When you are looking for a dependable landscape remodeling and renovation company in Sacramento, you can trust that FiveSTAR Landscape Design has completed hundreds of landscape renovation projects. Read More: Landscape Remodeling Sacramento >>

» Paver Stones and Paving Stones

Landscape Services Folsom - Paver Stones

From stunning paver stone driveways to elegant paver stone walkways, FiveSTAR is your local expert in paving stones. We provide a wide varity of paver stone colors and patterns to choose from. If you are looking for paver stones, concrete block and drought resistant landscape design, paving stones are a great choice. Paver stones and paving stones have become increasing more popular over the years in landscape design and there are many reasons. For starters paving stones are a stunning incorporation to any landscape design. Also, paving stones and paver stones are drought resistant and drought tolerant. Installing a paver stone patio or paver stone walkway can save you money on water bills, landscaping maintenance and they age very well. For years to come, your back-yard/ front-yard landscape design will look stunning and last the test of mother natures time. Read More: Paver Stones Sacramento

» Hardscape/ Landscape Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Hardscape

From Concrete Retaining Walls to decorative stamped concrete driveways, FiveSTAR can help. Our experience in concrete design and hardscape design goes back to 1980. Rest assured you can trust the team of hardscape designers at FiveSTAR Landscape Design to get the job done right the first time! Hardscape/ Landscape Design can range from custom designed water fountains to stamped and stained concrete pool decks and FiveSTAR Landscape Design can design and install it all. We have hundreds of concrete stamps and stains to choose from so rest assured our award winning hardscape designers will be able to match your homes design with your landscape and hardscape design. If you are interested in a drought proof or drought tolerant landscape design, hardscaping and concrete may be a good fit for your back-yard/ front-yard landscape design. Consult with our hardscape design team to see which hardscape application will fit your landscape design project the best. Read More: Hardscape Design Sacramento >>

» Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Lighting

From illuminating your front porch to lighting up your palm trees in the backyard, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento can create the landscape lighting design of your dreams. Our expert landscape lighting designers can adjust power and just the right amount of color to create a stunning curb appeal. There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to landscape lighting. From different styles and designs to different power output and wattage, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento can help you find the perfect fit your font-yard/ back-yard landscape design project. Lighting in landscapes can make or break the entire feeling of your yard. With too little light, you will no aspects of your landscape that “pop”. With too much lighting in your landscape, it becomes overwhelming and doesn’t highlight any one area of your yard. If you are looking for that perfect lighting design for your landscape, reach out to FiveSTAR Landscape Design today. We can help you decide which lighting options, styles and design will fit your situation the best. Read More: Landscape Lighting Sacramento >>

» Outdoor Kitchen Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens with concrete counter-tops and outdoor kitchen made from concrete block are just a couple of the outdoor living environments we specialize in. Trust FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento to create a stunning outdoor kitchen and outdoor living environment for your dream backyard. Outdoor Kitchens are one of the most spectacular aspects in any landscape design and there are hundreds of options to choose from to create your own special look and feel. When it comes to creating your outdoor living environment, you can install a custom BBQ Island or an entire poured-in-place concrete outdoor kitchen. Some of the more affordable options for outdoor kitchens may include modular outdoor kitchens but compared to poured-in-place outdoor kitchens will not last as long in the years to come. If you want to discuss your options for a stunning outdoor living environment, contact FiveSTAR Landscape Design today to learn more about the services we offer. Read More: Outdoor Kitchens Sacramento >>

» Drought Resistant Landscape Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Drought Tolerant

Drought Resistant and Drought Tolerant Landscape Design in Sacramento, CA  is getting more and more popular everyday. From Paver Stone Patios to Paver Stone Walkways and Artificial Grass to Concrete Block, FiveSTAR Landscape Design will create you the water saving landscape design you have been dreaming of. With the previous years of the California Drought, it is now time for everyone to realize the importance of saving money and conserving water with landscapes. There are hundrends of options when it comes to drought resistant landscaping and FiveSTAR Landscape Design of Sacramento can help you find the style and design that fits your home the best. We specialize in all aspects of drought proof landscapes, including; synthetic turf, artificial grass designs, succulent plants and foliage, stamped concrete patios, paver stone walkways and much more. Let FiveSTAR Landscape Design find the best drought proof landscape design for your home in the greater Sacramento area today. Read More: Drought Proof Landscaping Sacramento >>

» Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Landscape Services Folsom - Fire Pits and Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace design, firepits and outdoor living environments can be one of the most elegant additions to any landscape design. Bringing your landscape to life with a roaring fire in the middle of winter or fall will bring the family together and light up entire backyard. If you are considering a fireplace or firepit in your landscape design, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento has installed hundreds of designs that you can choose from. From gas fireplace designs to hardwood fireplace designs, we can create and design your fireplace based on the specific needs of your project. Firepace and Firepit designs can come in a wide variety of options, from concrete block surrounded by paving stones, to poured-in-place concrete surrounded by stamped concrete, FiveSTAR Landscape Design can make your fireplace vision a reality. We have installed hundreds of fireplace designs in our landscape projects, some small, some large but all of them, absolutely stunning. Read More: Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits >>

» Water Features In Landscape Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Water Features

Water features in your landscape will bring your entire yard to life. From the sounds and curb appeal to the overall ambiance and vibe, water features in landscape design are one of the most mind-blowing styles of landscaping possible. Here at FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento, we can create waterfalls, water fountains, wall waterfalls with stamped concrete, wall waterfalls with flagstone and so much more. If you are looking for a coy pond with a walking bridge and the foliage to go with it, FiveSTAR Landscape Design is the company of choice. Our water feature designs in landscaping are second to none in the Sacramento area. We have won many local awards for our use of water features in landscape design. From an entire backyard pond with stepping stones to the outdoor kitchen to a mini rock waterfall flowing through the center of your back-yard, trust FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento to complete your water feature design and installation. Read More: Water Feature Landscape Design >>

» Shade Structures & Patio Covers

Landscape Services Folsom - Shade & Patio Covers

Shade structures and patio covers can help your landscape design, your friends and family and add curb appeal to entire look and feel of your backyard. From preventing Skin Cancer Prevention to providing an Aesthetic Appeal and relieving yourself on those hot summer days, shade structures and patio covers are always a great addition to your landscape design. Along with adding curb appeal to your home, shade structures and patio covers can protect your property, give you instant gratification from the heat and so much more. There are hundreds of designs to choose from when it comes to patio covers. From colors to unique styles and creative designs, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento can find you the patio cover and trellis of your dreams. We offer many different styles of shade structures and patio covers, including, Umbrella Shades, Pergolas, Pergolas with Columns, Lattice patio covers, Cloth and shade sails and we can work with patio covers that have been integrated with the build of your home. Read More: Patio Covers Sacramento >>

» Retaining Walls in Landscape Design

Landscape Services Folsom - Retaining Walls

There are hundreds of options when it comes to retaining walls in your landscape and almost every backyard needs one. Retaining walls are especially helpful when working with backyard in El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Granite Bay where backyards are sloped, either down hill or up hill. When working with retaining walls in these areas, the possibilities for retaining walls and preofessinal hardscape design are endless. From concrete block retaining walls to acid stained concrete retaining walls and even rock retaining walls, FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento can design and install the retaining wall you have been looking for. If you are using concrete block retaining walls, you may want to incorporate a paver stones patio as a complement, whereas; when using a rock retaining wall, you may want to incorporate a stamped concrete patio. In any use of a retaining wall, rest assured FiveSTAR Landscape Design in Sacramento will help you achieve the retaining wall of your dreams. Read More: Retaining Walls Sacramento

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