Choosing the Perfect Artificial Grass

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Choosing the Perfect Artificial Grass

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Serving Greater Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and beyond with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes in a variety of textures, shades, blade lengths and even colors. Here at FiveSTAR Landscape, we offer a wide array of artificial grass types. We service Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Loomis, Lincoln and Rocklin.

Picking the perfect artificial grass for your application depends on a number of factors. It can be a bit overwhelming choosing the right type of artificial grass for your project. One of our artificial turf experts will be more than happy to guide you in choosing the right type of artificial grass for your application.

Below, we offer some key factors to keep in mind when shopping around for artificial grass:

  • Type of Application

First, consider the application you will be using artificial grass on. Is the artificial turf going to be used on a residential or commercial landscape? Do you need synthetic turf for an artificial putting green in Sacramento, pet area, sports or a kid’s playground? Determining your application needs is the first step towards picking the right type of synthetic turf. Different applications have different turf requirements. For instance, artificial grass used for sporting events will require extremely durable artificial grass to handle and support all the activity performed during practice and games.

  • Foot Traffic

A good question to ask yourself before buying artificial grass is: What amount of traffic do you expect to see in the area you are installing artificial grass? Would there be light traffic, such as minimal walking or is the application a high traffic area where a lot of activity will occur such as soccer or football matches or children playing? Heavy traffic areas will require artificial turf that is durable and able to withstand the a high amount of foot traffic.

  • Blade Profile

As we mentioned earlier, FiveSTAR Landscape offers a variety of artificial grass with varying colors, textures, pile heights, shapes and finishes. Depending on your unique preferences and the application, you can choose to go with a grass with low or high shine, for instance. Some grasses have soft textures while others are a bit stiffer. You might want to consider a lawn with stiffer grass blades if the application is for aesthetic purposes only and will encounter minimal foot traffic. If, however, kids will spend a lot of time playing on your artificial turf, you should probably go with grass blades that have a softer texture. Feel free to stop by our store to compare the different artificial grass types we offer and get a feel for yourself so that you can pick the perfect grass for your application.

  • Budget

Also consider your budget restrictions as some artificial grasses are costlier than others. For instance, you will find that dense, long pile and multi-tone grasses are more expensive than short pile, monotone artificial grasses. FiveSTAR Landscape offers synthetic turf at budget-friendly prices so do not hesitate to give us a call today to get a quote on any of the artificial grass we offer. Also keep in mind that the upfront costs of professional installation can be on the high side. However, artificial grass pays for itself in the long run, saving you costs associated with maintaining a natural turf such was water and fuel (for powering lawn mowers) costs.

Once you consider these factors carefully, you are well on your way to selecting the best type of artificial grass for your project. The professionals at FiveSTAR Landscape are here to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about all things related artificial grass, from grass selection to installation to maintenance. Contact us today and let us help you with all your artificial grass needs!

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