Guide to Artificial Grass Infills

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When installing artificial grass, adding an infill is a crucial part of the process. An infill is added to the artificial grass area after installation to support the grass fibers so that they stand upright. Artificial grass infills also support foot traffic on the grass surface and enhance the overall look of your synthetic turf. They provide extra cushioning and extend the wear of your artificial turf.

Why You Should Add Infill

Here are three major reasons why you should add infill to your artificial grass installation:

  • Infill Adds Ballast

Infill adds ballast to the artificial grass area, preventing it from having a matted-down appearance from all the foot traffic it supports. With an infill, the grass blades are kept in a stable position to avoid wear patterns caused by foot traffic.

  • Protects the Backing System

The artificial grass backing system is the internal structure that supports each blade of grass. Adding infill to your grass ensures that this support structure is protected from UV rays and foot traffic, extending the wear of your artificial turf.

  • Weighs Down the Grass

As temperature changes, artificial grass can expand and contract accordingly. The synthetic turf we offer at FiveSTAR Landscape is made from the strongest backing system to maximize dimensional stability. However, infill also helps as the added weight from the infill helps weigh down the artificial grass for a natural look.

Types of Infills

There are several types of infills available for you to choose from. The infill you use depends on a number of factors including the type of application and amount of expected foot traffic. Below are some of the infills you could use on your artificial grass application:

  • Silica Sand

This is the least expensive infill option and the most commonly used. It is ideal for low traffic areas. There are different types of silica sand you could use but we recommend rounded silica sand infills. Angular silica sand have sharp edges which causes friction between the particle. This leads to the sand particles breaking down over time. Rounded silica sand particles work better as they do not break down easily and harden the artificial turf. Keep in mind that because silica sand is highly absorbent, you will more than likely notice any pet waste odors. For this reason, we would not recommend using this infill if your application will be frequented by pets.

  • Acrylic-Coated Sand (Envirofill)

This is another popular infill option, known for its antimicrobial properties. It is acrylic-coated, green-colored sand used to keep the grass blades standing upright while providing a natural look to your artificial lawn. Envirofill is made from non-absorbent quartz which makes it ideal for pets. It eliminates odor-causing microbes and bacteria. Envirofill has heat-reducing capabilities, absorbing heat to keep your artificial grass cool.

  • Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber infill is a bit more expensive than silica sand infill. It is made from recycled rubber and lasts longer. It can be used on applications that encounter light to medium traffic. Crumb rubber provides a layer of cushioning to the synthetic turf and helps keep grass blades erect and in place. One con you may encounter with this option is that rubber absorbs more heat than sand so this infill may cause your grass to be hotter. Also, there are some concerns that crumb rubber is not safe to use. FiveSTAR Landscape does not recommend using crumb rubber infills as there are better infill options you can consider like Envirofill. You can also choose to go with a rubber-sand mixture as opposed to just pure crumb rubber.

  • Zeolite Infill

Zeolites are organic minerals found in certain sedimentary rocks that are non-toxic and known for their absorbent capabilities. Zeolite is able to absorb liquids and gases, preventing ammonia – the culprit for those unpleasant odors – from being released. Zeolite infills are thus perfect for artificial grass applications such as pet areas as they neutralize the stench of pet urine. Note that zeolite is not a primary infill as it is used to eliminate odors and not necessarily provide the stability or ballast that artificial grass blades need. It should be used in conjunction with another infill such as rounded silica sand infill.

For more information about artificial grass infills, one of our trusted experts will be more than happy to guide you in making the appropriate infill choice for your artificial grass application. FiveSTAR Landscape is proud to service Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Loomis. Stop by our store or give us a call today!

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