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Any homeowner with a natural lawn is aware of the amount of upkeep needed to keep the lawn looking lush and green year round. From regular watering to mowing to installing irrigation systems to proper fertilization, it can be quite a hassle and costly maintaining natural grass lawns. With artificial grass or synthetic turf, its appeal lies in the fact that you don’t have to spend as much time and energy for upkeep. Drought Tolerant Landscape Design is also a growing trend right now due to its large amount of benefits.

That said, artificial grass is not 100% maintenance-free and does require some amount of routine upkeep to keep it looking great. The amount of maintenance required depends on factors such as foot traffic and whether or not your grass is frequently used by kids or pets. Let’s take a look at the various methods you can employ to ensure that your grass is looking luscious and fabulous year round.

Weekly Maintenance

This entails removing large debris such as twigs and rocks from the surface of artificial grass to maintain the aesthetic of your artificial lawn. You should also lightly rinse the grass to remove smaller debris like dirt and dust. It is crucial that debris does not accumulate over time as it can decompose to create a breeding ground for bugs and weeds.

Monthly Maintenance

Use a plastic rake (avoid steel as they can damage the artificial grass fibers) or a stiff broom or brush to remove unwanted elements like leaves, dirt and dust. A leaf blower can also come in handy but avoid using the vacuum feature of a leaf blower as it can suck up base layer materials of your artificial grass. Keep in mind that after raking your artificial lawn with a rake, the blades may bend and not be as erect as they should. This is easily solved by brushing the grass blades with a stiff brush to get them to stand upright again.

Getting Rid of Pet Waste

If you have pets, inspecting your artificial lawn for signs of pet waste is crucial to maintaining the aesthetics and smell of your lawn. Just like you would with a natural lawn, scoop up pet poop and dispose of it in a plastic bag. You can either spray a disinfectant or lightly rinse the grass after you get rid of the waste. To eliminate the smell, using a turf deodorizer should do the trick.

Tip: Consider using a mixture of vinegar and water to get rid of pesky stains caused by pet waste as vinegar is a less toxic alternative for killing germs and neutralizing odors than household cleaning detergents.

Weed Control

Although you do not have to worry too much about weeds sprouting on your synthetic turf, especially if properly installed by a professional, there are some instances when you might notice some weed growth. For example, the wind can direct seeds on to your lawn where they germinate on the infill and form weeds. Usually, the weeds that do sprout on artificial grass are few and can be easily hand-plucked. You can also prevent weed growth on your artificial lawn by using a non-toxic weedicide. Avoid weedkillers that contain harsh chemicals as they can damage the synthetic grass fibers.

Removing Stains

Artificial grass may be stained by substances like food, blood and chewing gum. The key to removing unsightly stains is to attend to the stains promptly once they occur. The good news about the artificial grass we offer at FiveSTAR Landscape is that they are stain-resistant and you do not have to worry about the grass blades getting discolored. Rinse off any contaminants with water or a water-vinegar mixture.

FiveSTAR Landscape is available for all your artificial grass needs! We stock a large variety of artificial grass, made from quality materials and offered at budget-friendly prices. Whether your application is commercial or residential, rest assured that we have just the right type of artificial turf for your job. Should you have any questions regarding artificial turf maintenance, contact one of our staff. We cater to Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area, providing synthetic turf solutions to meet your unique needs and preferences. Call us today!

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