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Folsom is a growing city with new homes and an outdoor community that is one of the best in Greater Sacramento. Homeowners around the area are known to invest in quality landscape design and construction, and for the last 30 years they have been contacting FiveSTAR Landscape.

FiveSTAR Landscape is a Folsom based landscape contractor with decades of experience helping Folsom residents improve the look and feel of their outdoors, and we want to continue to be the first choice for Folsom homeowners.

Why FiveSTAR Landscape in Folsom, CA?

FiveSTAR Landscape is a Folsom landscaping expert. Our specialty is creating amazing front yards and backyards that match your vision of the perfect home, and create curb appeal that will improve its value. We provide all types of landscape services, from outdoor lighting to fire pits to koi ponds and more. We also are one of the few providers of:

  • Xeriscaping – Drought resistant landscaping to reduce water use.
  • Themed Yards – Yards that have a theme or overall purpose.
  • Complete Overhauls (Landscape Remodeling and Renovation)– Landscapes designed by trained architects.

We can convert your home into a backyard oasis reminiscent of your favorite vacation, or give you and your family a safe and fun place to play. Our goal is meeting your needs, and whatever your landscape vision we’ll do what we can to turn it into a reality.

#1 Folsom Landscaper

If you’re in need of quality landscape construction in Folsom, contact us today at 916-735-1100 to schedule an appointment, or fill out the form on this page. We’d love to give you a consultation, and discuss how we can create your amazing and new Folsom landscape.

When it comes to landscaping in Folsom, CA, Five Star Landscape is the place to go! We have helped hundreds of Folsom area home owners achieve beautiful landscapes at their homes and businesses, and we can help you too! Whether you are looking for landscaping, hardscaping, xeriscaping, or artificial grass, we have exactly what you are looking for here at Five Star Landscape!


Drought Proof Landscaping

Do you want to save money on your water bills every month? Xeriscaping is the way to do that! Xeriscaping is landscaping with dry weather plants and desert plants, and it works extremely well in the Folsom area. Especially considering the drought that California has been in for years now, no landscaping design is complete without strategies to reduce water usage.

We have many different methods of Xeriscaping that work in Folsom, CA. You can start with dry climate plants such as succulents and native California plants, since these require very little water and look beautiful. We also recommend hardscaping as a way of increasing your usable space without having to use any water to keep it looking nice. Artificial grass is the perfect way to have a lush, gorgeous lawn that never ever needs to be watered or mowed. And for the areas that do need some water, we use techniques such as drip hoses and deep mulch to eliminate evaporation and increase water efficiency. You can expect your water bills to lower significantly when you let Five Star Landscape take care of your Xeriscaping.

Themed yards

Themed Landscape Design

If you wan a unified look to your Folsom back yard and front yard, you may want to look at our themed yards. One of the most popular themed yards that we do is the edible landscape. You would be amazed at how much food you can grow just in your Folsom backyard if you have an edible landscape that is planned out and well designed. Another popular themed yard is native California plants. This is a landscape theme that gives a wonderful look to your Folsom home while also saving you a lot of money on water, since native plants don’t require much water and are very hardy.

Complete overhauls

You may already have a landscape design in place at your Folsom home. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever! If you are looking for an overhaul of your landscape, or even if you just want some updates and upgrades to give it a fresh look and greater functionality. Five Star Landscape can do it for you. Let us take care of your landscaping overhaul and you will be amazed at just how beautiful your Folsom, CA home or business can be!

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