Landscape Design in the Middle or Winter in Sacramento?

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Winter Landscape Design

Landscape Design in the Middle or Winter in Sacramento?

The busiest time for landscape design is in the Spring to Fall months. That is because the warm weather inspires people to redo their entire backyards as more homeowners want to spend more time outdoors.

Then it gets cold, and no one thinks about their backyard anymore. Yet winter may be one of the best times to schedule an appointment with a Greater Sacramento area landscape contractor, and while there are a few limitations it is otherwise a great time to get working on your landscaping projects.

Why Landscape Design in Winter?

There are many benefits to winter landscaping, including:

  • Easier Scheduling – Landscaping can always be a busy time, but the winter months it tends to be easier to schedule appointments and get your landscape done faster.
  • Ready for Summer – Getting your landscape completed in Summer means that you don’t necessarily have much warm time to enjoy it. Getting it completed in winter means it’s available the moment the weather heats up.
  • Lower Costs – Depending on the landscape design, some of the costs may also be lower during the winter months. While it’s on a case by case basis, winter months are more likely to have more affordable pricing.

There is only one downside to winter landscaping, and that is that you may need to wait a few months before some of the spring plants can be planted. But you can still have all of your hardscape and design long since completed, most of your plants added, your water features up, and then you can schedule an appointment early in the year to have the final plants added.

Landscaping in Winter in Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove, and all surrounding areas is simply a great way to make sure that your home has curb appeal before the weather warms up, and that you can enjoy your landscape design as soon as you’re ready. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today at 916-735-1100


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