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FiveSTAR Landscape was founded in Folsom, just off Greenback Lane. With such a short drive to Orangevale, it’s no wonder so many of our clients are residents of Orangevale looking for a local landscaping service.

Our Orangevale Landscape Designs

Orangevale is a very popular residential community with very large properties. That makes them ideal locations for large and visually interesting landscape designs to complement the outdoor community. As the primarily Orangevale landscaper in the area, we often work with homeowners that are looking for:

  • Themed Landscapes
  • Animal Ready Landscapes
  • Backyard Oasis/Relaxing Landscapes

Orangevale is a great location for creating a nice ambiance and highlighting the natural beauty of the city. FiveSTAR Landscape is also happy to work with Orangevale residents that would like a more custom design based on the size of their landscape and their own personal desires.

Your Orangevale Landscape Architect

We’ve worked with hundreds of homes in the Orangevale area, and we want to show you why so many residents contact us for their landscaping needs.

If you’re a resident of Orangevale and are interested in discussing your next landscape design, give us a call today at 916-735-1100. We would love an opportunity to discuss your vision, and describe our experience in greater detail.

Here at Five Star Landscape, we pride ourselves on being your landscaping design company of choice in Orangevale, CA. Whether you have a home, a business, or both in the Orangevale area, you naturally need to have your outdoor areas look as beautiful as possible. We can help you with that. We have installed many landscapes in the Orangevale area, and we can truly boast that our customers are universally thrilled with our designs as well as completely satisfied with our customer service. Call Five Star Landscape today and you will be able to experience the Five Star Landscape difference for yourself!

Themed landscapes

You might think of landscaping as just being a well cut lawn and maybe some bushes, but it is actually an art form in itself. One of the most fun things that we get to do with our landscaping design is themed landscapes. We love letting our imaginations run with possibilities, with the fun challenge of remaining within the constraints of a theme. And, of course, our customers love them too. That is why our themed landscapes are some of the most popular products and services that we offer. Whether you want a landscape that centers on native California plants or one that looks just like an English garden, we can build you your custom themed landscape at a great price here at Five Star Landscape!

Animal ready landscapes

You want a beautiful yard, but you love your pets. Many people think that these two things cannot be reconciled. It turns out, they can! With animal ready landscapes from Five Star Landscape, you will get a gorgeous landscape design that your animals won’t mess up. There are many different ways to do this, and we have tons of design options that will keep your animals happy and make your landscape easy on the eyes at the same time. When you call us, just let us know what kinds of pets you have and we will create your custom landscape design in Orangevale around your favorite four-footed friends!

Backyard oasis landscapes

California has been in a massive drought for several years, but that doesn’t mean your yard needs to look dry and barren! It also doesn’t mean you need to waste hundreds of gallons of water maintaining your yard. With backyard oasis landscape designs from Five Star Landscape, you can have the wonderful, relaxing backyard you deserve – one that you will be able to enjoy at practically any time of the year. Give us a call and discover what sort of a backyard oasis you can have at your Orangevale home!

Custom Landscape Design

Contact us today to find out more about our amazing landscape design options!

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