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Roseville Landscape Design - Front Yard

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Roseville is a surprisingly populated city with a large residential community. While it shares some of Sacramento’s weather, Roseville has more “green,” a bit more wind, and otherwise is a popular location for outdoor living. That is why it is the site of SunSplash, the secret ravine, and other popular outdoor locations – it is a great place to enjoy the outdoors in Placer County.

So it should come as little surprise that there is also a need for Roseville landscape design. Like much of Northern California, Roseville is a very popular place for intricate and unique landscapes, and when homeowners want to create a beautiful custom landscape design, they turn to FiveSTAR Landscape

Benefits of Working with FiveSTAR Landscape

FiveSTAR Landscape is a Folsom based landscaper that services every city within driving distance, providing custom landscape architecture that is certain to meet your vision. We provide all types of landscaping services, from design to construction, working with hardscape and softscape to create the perfect landscape design for you. We provide custom landscapes that include:

If you’ve ever envisioned the perfect landscape design, our experts at working with Roseville landscapes of all sizes know exactly what it takes to create the perfect landscape design for you.

Your Roseville Landscaper

FiveSTAR Landscape has created countless custom landscape designs in Roseville, and we want to show you why we’ve developed this type of reputation over our 30+ years in the business. Contact us today at 916-735-1100 to find out more about our Roseville landscape designs, and to see why our experts are the best choice for your landscape renovation.

At Five Star Landscape, we are proud and excited to be your number one choice for professional landscapers in Roseville, CA. From drought resistant landscaping to custom hardscaping, we know what customers in Roseville need and we make sure that you get the beautiful landscape you deserve.

Kid Friendly Landscape Designs

If you have small children, or even if you just regularly have small children over, it is good to have a kid friendly landscape design that you know the kiddos will be safe playing in. One of the thins we focus on with kid friendly landscape designs is the plants we use. Many beautiful, decorative plants are in fact poisonous, so we make sure that the only plants we use for a kid friendly landscape are going to be edible, or at least harmless if any parts of them make their ways into small people’s mouths.

Another important element of kid friendly landscape designs is play spaces and fun. It’s no fun to be outside in a yard where you can’t play anywhere for fear of tearing up the flower beds. You don’t have to choose between beauty and play spaces – just call Five Star Landscape and talk to us about our kid friendly landscape designs!

Hardscape and Lighting

Roseville Landscape Design - Front Yard

At Five Star Landscape, we don’t just do landscapes. We also do hardscapes, including patios, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, concrete benches and much more. Hardscapes are the things you need to be able to enjoy your yard and entertain outdoors – no one likes having their chair legs sinking down into mud, after all! If you want to make the most of your Roseville backyard, you need hardscape designs from Five Star Landscape!

Lighting is one of the little details that really makes the difference. Overall lighting makes it possible to relax outdoors after dark, and accent lighting draws out certain elements and makes your Roseville home look spectacular.

Custom Gardens

If you want your Roseville front and back yards to look amazing and to have a really elegant look, call Five Star Landscape today about our custom gardens, or fill out our inquiry form for a FREE consultation!

Custom Landscape Design

Contact us today to find out more about our amazing landscape design options!

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