A Sneak Peek into the Life of A Landscape Architect

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A Sneak Peek into the Life of A Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are involved in many things. They design plazas, parks, gardens, fountains, public art, and green roofs. The list does not end here and often are involved in many other projects.

There is a myth that landscape architects plant trees, install fountains, etc. But that’s not a part of their job. Sure, they have a lot of knowledge about different plants, types of fountains, and what looks good in your backyard or garden, but they are not exactly involved in whatever happens on the field.

Here’s a sneak peek into the life of a landscape architect. Before you hire a landscape architect in Sacramento, be sure to read through this post.

What Does a Landscape Architect Do?

Landscape architects plan and design outdoor spaces. So, there are residential landscape architects and commercial ones. The residential landscape architects design and plan gardens, paving, plantings, pool, and storm-water management.

Some people need drought-tolerant landscape designs, but they can’t just hire anyone to design this. They need a landscape architect who knows about plants that need less water and the layout required for a drought-tolerant landscape.

Landscape architects are trained and licensed to design these landscapes. One of the biggest myths is that they do not build it. They design and collaborate with contractors and clients.

It’s a Regulated Profession That Requires Special Attention

You can’t just start planting trees and putting rocks anywhere you like. If you want something appealing, it is better to have a landscape architect involved in the project.

Becoming a landscape architect is also a rigorous procedure. Becoming one requires a lot of passion, skill, and knowledge. Licensing and regulation are also important due to safety and health reasons.

A Landscape Architect Has So Much More to Do

A landscape architect knows how to use the intended space. They create an experience for people, and that’s more than just designing landscapes.

Landscape architects are not gardeners; they are designers. They don’t physically build or maintain landscapes, as that is not part of their job.

While landscape architects love to spend a lot more time around gardens, they spend most of their time at a drawing table or a computer to manage projects and designs. They also have endless client meetings and collaborate with contractors and other people involved in the process.


Landscape contractors and landscape architects have different tasks to perform, so it is a myth that the latter goes to the garden and plants trees, and installs the fountains and other features.


Concluding Thoughts


If you want a landscape architect who designs a beautiful garden or a backyard space, you should research and find a reputable one in your area. Make sure they have experience in handling projects like yours.


You will find many experienced landscape architects in Sacramento. The best bet is to read the reviews and check ratings before hiring anyone. Also, don’t forget to check the portfolio of these landscape architects. They will have some past work to show you.

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