Three Things to Consider While Designing A Drought-Tolerant Landscape

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Sometimes drought conditions can get bad, leaving the yards dull and dry throughout the year. In such climate zones, landscape architects suggest creating a drought-tolerant landscaping plan to maintain the greenery and lavish outlook. Landscaping contractor companies in Sacramento know how to cope with water shortages when designing a new yard landscape. It has become a very popular way that people are changing their way of landscaping their yards, due to so many years of watering restrictions and drought. But, a drought-tolerant landscape design can save water consumption and maintain a lush look of the yard. It’s not easy to plan a drought-tolerant landscape design and there are a few things one must keep in mind while designing. Let’s take a look at a few of those things below,

1. Evaluating The Site’s Condition

One of the much-appreciated qualities of a good landscape designer is patience. They patiently inspect the entire site and note down all the conditions before starting the designing process and this is why people prefer hiring professionals like landscaping contractor companies in Sacramento. To plan a drought-tolerant landscape design, one must evaluate the site’s condition during a specific season but keep in mind what can happen throughout all four seasons. In the inspection process, your landscape contractor will note which areas get the least and most water, sun, and shade. This helps in making better choices about where plants should grow. For instance, the base of the slopes or around the downspouts areas can be chosen for growing the plants that require a lot of water as these areas are the moist areas of a yard, and save dry spaces for drought-tolerant plants.

2. Reduce Or Replace The Lawn

It’s difficult to plan a drought-tolerant landscape without reducing or replacing the lawn. Generally, it takes a significant amount of water to maintain a lush green lawn. So, the experts always suggest using ornamental plants and colorful stones instead of lawns to keep it drought-tolerant. Also, artificial turf is a prudent choice to add a touch of greenery that requires less water than a lawn. This will help keep up the look of a lush green yard without consuming much water.

3. Choose Xeriscaping-friendly Ideas

Landscape architects plan for a drought-tolerant landscape to reduce the water consumption yet keep up the green outlook of their yards. In such cases, container gardening can be a prudent option to choose. People can make plans for container gardening in their yards with targeted irrigation to grow exotic plants and vegetables. This helps one to control the total water needed, yet provide the best soil for the good growth of the plants. So, one can choose this type of gardening while planning for a drought-tolerant landscape.

In conclusion, planning for a drought-tolerant landscape isn’t an easy ordeal. It takes years of expertise to maintain the lavish outlook of the landscape without consuming too much water. So, it would be wise to seek professional advice rather than taking the DIY approach.

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