Five Water Features You Can Add to Your Garden

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Do you wish to beautify the backyard or garden? No matter how much space you have in the garden or backyard, you can add small and large water features.

Garden decor is not just about hanging fairy lights! Water features are aesthetically pleasing, making you want to sit in the garden for hours. You can also host parties in the garden and let the guests enjoy the sound of water or aesthetics.

Dive right into the article as we share the seven water features you can add to your landscape design.

  1. Creating a Focal Point with a Raised Pond.
    Raised ponds in the center of the backyard look visually appealing. It doesn’t matter how large or small the backyard is – you can have a raised pond as the focal point.
    Enhance the whole look by adding some potted plants around this raised pond. Speak to the landscape architect and designer about what can be done.
  2. Get Shallow Channels of Water Flowing Through
    If you’ve got some space in the backyard or the garden, consider investing in rills. These are shallow water channels that flow through space.
    You will not just enjoy the sound of the flowing water but can also see the movement of water.
  3. A Cute Garden Pool
    Some gardens have plenty of space for a large pool, and others can have a little soak-in kind of pool.
    One can speak to the landscape architect. They will measure the space and create a design that looks good in your garden/backyard.
  4. Get a Garden Fountain
    You can install a garden fountain right in the middle of the backyard or the garden. It depends on the space you have as to how big the fountain spray should be.
    You have the choice of a gentle trickle or a full-fledged spray. Add some lights to the fountain to create a wonderful ambience at night.
  5. A Water Bowl
    Compact spaces may not be able to have a fountain or a swimming pool, but you can get a big bowl and fill it with water. Once again, you must rely on the landscape architect for the design because they know what looks good and doesn’t. They will also let you know the flowers and plants that will look good in the water bowl.

Concluding Thoughts

There are lots of water feature ideas one can use.

It will be dependent on how much space the garden or backyard has. Connect with a landscaping designer in Roseville who can help you and offer expert services.  

If you truly want to create a magical garden with flowing and trickling water, let the professional handle the design part.

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