What is the Most Viewed Landscape in History?

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Have you ever wondered what is the most viewed landscape in history? FiveSTAR Landscape is one of the few companies in Sacramento to use landscape architects – trained designers and artists that put years of education to use creating amazing custom landscapes. One of the reasons we offer this type of comprehensive landscape design is because, in many ways, landscaping is an art. In fact, the term “landscape” originated from the paintings of outdoor landscapes.

History’s Most Well Known Landscape

The artistry of landscapes is why we at FiveSTAR focus so much attention on creating beautiful designs, because people experience something amazing when they view a beautiful landscape. It is also the inspiration to today’s fun fact: the most viewed landscape in recorded history is actually from a landscape in Northern California.

–          It is not the white house lawn.

–          It is not the queen’s castle.

The most viewed landscape in history – seen by over a billion people – is from only a short drive away near Sonoma. And it’s also a landscape that you yourself have come across at least once in your life.

The most viewed landscape in history is known as “Bliss,” and it was the background of Windows XP for years before XP became relatively obsolete in the past decade. Over a billion people have seen Bliss, and while it’s unlikely that your custom landscape architecture is going to be viewed by nearly a quarter of the world, it goes to show how popular and beautiful the right landscape design can be.


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