Best Tips for Planning Your Front Yard Garden

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The first thing your visitors notice is the front yard garden. Hence, it is the best opportunity to create a first impression in this area of your property. The front yard usually consists of a green lawn, a cement driveway, foundation shrubs, and sidewalks leading to the front door. The front yard can create unique design challenges that can only be solved by professional landscaping contractors in Sacramento. Here are some tips for you to create an impressive front yard design.

Evaluate your Space

Think about what you want your front yard to become, whether you wish it to be a functional area for lounging and playing or simply a visually pleasing space. This will impact what you want to convey about your home and yard to others. Choosing a wide and appealing front yard design from leading landscaping design contractors in Sacramento will create a more welcoming feeling, especially if your front yard is visible and accessible from the street.

Evaluate Light

Determine whether your front yard receives full or partial sunlight or has shade trees that create a dense canopy. The amount of light will help you decide how to use your space and what type of plants will perform the best. If your yard receives full sun, it will be suitable for growing warm-season annuals or vegetables, while shade will keep the seating area cooler in summer.

Privacy Barriers

If you want to choose a living privacy barrier like a hedge or an inorganic barrier like a fence or wall, consider the privacy barrier’s function. Opting for waist-high hedging or fencing along the front sidewalk will prevent people from wandering into your front yard while allowing light and views onto the street. An open post-and-beam fence will define the property line and keep out animals and intruders. If your front yard is adjacent to a busy road, you may require a high privacy barrier to block traffic noise and provide security.

Consider the Function and Scale

Determine what you want to include in your front yard – whether it is a water feature, a play space, or a seating area. You may also opt for a vegetable plot, wildflower meadow, cottage garden, patio, or a rock garden. However, you must remember that your front yard considerations will vary depending on whether it is a sprawling rural property or a small urban plot. So, choose the plants that are in scale. Small plants will likely get lost in a bigger landscape, and larger ones will outgrow a smaller space. So make sure you leave enough room for plants to reach their mature size and the seating does not feel cramped.

Look for Ideas and Choose a Style

Use the internet to get some inspiration. It would help you make a list of attributes you might want to add to your front yard, like containers, porch swings, decorative accessories, or other types of fencing. Select plants that will complement your house. If you have a colonial home, a brick pathway, a classic picket fence, and clipped boxwood, hedging would be great. An aggregate sidewalk, a sleek modern fence, and eclectic plants will be perfect for a contemporary home.

Look for an Experienced Contractor

Find a landscape design contractor who can understand your needs and create a design per your requirements. Make sure they give you the sketch and formulate a basic plan for building your front yard garden design.

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