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Mediterranean landscape designs are the most popular choice among homeowners. These designs offer a vibrant look to the outdoors. Mediterranean landscape designs have a long history and have picked up influences from many cultures over the years. Although it originated in Arabia, it incorporates many elements from Spain, Greece, France, and Italy, giving us a style that evokes the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea. The best landscape design contractors in Sacramento will combine all these elements that mimic the Mediterranean region’s hot, dry climate, vegetation, and clear waters.

Many homeowners look to incorporate Mediterranean landscape designs into their outdoor spaces. The landscape design contractors in Sacramento can help you get the perfect designs and Mediterranean elements, like a Spanish-inspired front yard, a rustic Tuscan patio, or traditional whitewashed walls reminiscent of the villas of Greece. Here are some of the main elements of Mediterranean landscape design.

Tiled roof

This is a popular feature of Mediterranean homes: long-lasting, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and temperature regulating. You may use clay tiles to give a Tuscan look to your home.

Plastered walls

This is another element that defines a Mediterranean design. You can cover your plastered walls in bright paint colors like red or may grow climbing vines as accents.


The stonework is one of the most important elements of a Mediterranean home. It is used for constructing retaining walls, steps to build water features, and laying outdoor flooring stones. Thus, they are a defining feature of Mediterranean landscapes.

Drought-tolerant plants

Many consider drought-tolerant plants to be unwelcoming. But these plants can add color to the surroundings and make your home more environmentally friendly.


Most Mediterranean homes have vibrant colors and designs incorporated through their tile choices. You can use tilework to decorate both walls and floors of your Mediterranean landscape design. It allows you to be as creative as you want. You can work with a designer to create an interesting and unique look.

Rustic wood

 Mediterranean landscapes have a weathered look, which can be achieved by adding rustic wood to the designs. You may use it for your gates, fences, pergolas, or outdoor furniture.

Water features

No Mediterranean landscape design is complete without water features. You can add water feature designs like pools, fountains, urns, and ponds, which can be as big or as small as you want. Water Features also allow you to add accent features and bright colors to your landscape. They balance the use of hardscapes in the surrounding space.


In the Mediterranean color schemes, Earth tones are the most prevalent. These designs will have a lot of grays, browns, and gold. But the designs may also sometimes borrow from the sea and countryside and include colors like green and deep blue.


The furniture in a Mediterranean landscape design is usually made of large rustic pieces, which may include old timber, accentuating flaws, and imperfection in the wood. The chairs and tables are very sturdy and may have large legs. Also, the wood used can be carved to form various designs to highlight the landscape and give it a natural feel.

To conclude

To decorate the area, you can add other accents and accessories like water basins, lanterns, and flower pots. But make sure you use materials with an aged and natural feel, like wrought iron, wood, wicker, and clay. Terracotta pots and tiles of various sizes are other great options.

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