Explore the Benefits of Water Features on Your Lawn

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If you have never considered adding a water feature to your yard, you might be missing out on something great. There is more to water features than what meets the eye. It is obviously an attractive addition to your landscape, but there are many benefits to installing a water feature design on your lawn. Water simply adds to the beauty of the design of your yard. Here is our list of unexpected benefits of having a water feature –

  • Experience Nature at Your Doorstep

It is not easy for people to escape their busy city lives and enjoy the countryside. By adding water features, you can enjoy the sounds of nature at your doorstep. The sounds of water significantly lower stress, so once you are home, you can sit by the water and wait for your stress to just melt away. And as discussed later, water also attracts wildlife; you will also hear birds chirping in your yard, which is even better.

  • Attract Fauna

Every creature on this earth needs water. When you have an active water feature in your yard, you can attract all types of wildlife to it. You can see birds bathing, squirrels quenching their thirst, and many butterflies and dragonflies fluttering by. For kids, this is a great learning opportunity to learn about wildlife from the safety of their own homes. That’s not all. Water features in the lawns contribute to environmental conservation by inviting fauna. The negative ions released by flowing water also clean the air around them as they attract positively charged dust particles.

  • Minimize Noise Pollution

Have you ever noticed that being around a waterfall or ocean effectively drowns all other noise from the surrounding? Now imagine a miniature version of it right in your front yard. With a flowing water feature design, you can efficiently minimize the noise from your surroundings and relax your mind. These are also great places to meditate or exercise as the sound of flowing water can soothe the mind, thus increasing the benefits of the workout.

  • Increase Property Value

A beautiful yard increases the value of the property by several times. Water features add beauty to the landscape, which increases the resale value of the estate. Unlike swimming pools, water features are simpler systems, requiring less time and effort to install. Adding it to your lawn could be a cost-effective way to add value to your property.

  • Eco-Friendly

Though it might seem untrue, water features actually use far less water than what would be needed to maintain a lawn space of similar area. Think of it this way, a piece of land with flowers or other plants will need to be watered everyday to ensure the plants stay alive. Whereas water features reuse the same water over and over again reducing the actual use of water effectively. The water in it only needs to be occasionally changed, therefore, you actually conserve water.

Water features are definitely a great addition to any outdoor space. They have several unique benefits, as listed above. If you are convinced to get a water feature for your lawn in Sacramento, request a free consultation with us.

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