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The entire Rancho Cordova area is growing quickly. There is plenty of land to build homes, and the city itself is becoming an increasingly popular residential community as the schools continue to improve. For those that have bought a home in Rancho Cordova, or those that have lived there for years, you may want to consider investing in landscaping through FiveSTAR Landscape.

Your Rancho Cordova Landscaper

FiveSTAR Landscape has been working with homes in Rancho Cordova for almost 35 years. We’ve created a reputation as a quality designer, able to provide your landscape with the custom attention that it needs to meet your dreams and expectations. We specialize in all sorts of landscape designs, including:

  • Themed Landscapes

For those that want to create a landscape design theme for a specific purpose, like a tropical oasis or dog friendly yard, we are the number one choice. Do you love a Japanese garden? Or could you wander forever in an English rose garden? Are you fascinated by the local ecosystem and the way native plants are ideally adapted to this particular part of the world? Or do you want to be able to walk out your door and have every plant you see be edible? These are just some of the themed landscapes we can do for you at your Rancho Cordova home!

  • Drought Landscaping

We specialize in drought proof landscape design in Sacramento, with Xeriscaping options that are perfect to meet both your expectations and maintenance needs. With the drought that California has been in for several years, and with the fact that Rancho Cordova tends to be a dry area even when there is not a drought, many Rancho Cordova homeowners are looking to integrate drought-friendly landscape design themes. That is exactly what we specialize in, here at Five Star Landscape. Whether you are looking for artificial grass, hardscaping, rock and gravel designs, native plants, succulents, or just innovative irrigation methods that don’t waste water, we have what you are looking for at Five Star Landscape.

  • Upgrades and Renovations

When you already have a landscape design but would like to alter it in some way, FiveSTAR Landscape is a great choice for Rancho Cordova residents. Even if you have had your landscaping done in the past, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to upgrade your landscaping. You may want a new look, or it may just be time for a change. Updating your landscape design, just like any other decorations in or around your home, brings a fresh feeling and look. You can’t help but feel good when your front and back yards are on point and you are relaxing outside at your Rancho Cordova home!

Make Your Investment Pay Off

FiveSTAR Landscape has offered Rancho Cordova landscaping services for over 30 years, and we’re confident in what we can do. Call us today at 916-735-1100 to find out more about our design and construction services, or to schedule an appointment.

In Rancho Cordova, the stylish homes that are so popular wouldn’t be complete without graceful landscapes to complement them. That is why so many Rancho Cordova residents have asked Five Star Landscape to help them with their landscaping needs. We have provided high quality landscaping services to hundreds of Rancho Cordova residents throughout our many years in business, and we would love to give your front and back yard the beautiful look you have been craving for your outdoor areas!

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