Xeriscape Landscaping Themes

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Xeriscape Landscape Design Themes


Xeriscape landscaping themes are becoming more and more popular as the drought in California continues.

Take over your front or backyard and turn it into a garden rather than planting lots of turf. By ripping our your lawn and instead laying a thick dirt with healthy gardening plants like herbs and other drought resistant plants you can transform your landscape into a usable space or secret garden. Use paving stones to create little walkways and hide a bench to give yourself an excellent coffee spot in the morning. Being creative with your landscape can make all the difference in Xeriscape.


Get in touch with your wild side by combining stone element with natural prairie elements including some bird feeders and more. You can have the luxury view of a great hike in your own lawn with a bit of a more tailored look. Pick your favorite natural elements to make a water conservation superpower out of your lawn this summer.

Tailored Wild Grasses

Exterminate the water guzzling grass by adding in natural grasses. Things like short bluegrass and other wild grasses can grow without an irrigation system by absorbing nutrients rather than water from you lawn. Talk to a consultant today to see if you can replace your grass with a natural grass to have a Xeriscape design from our Folsom landscapers.

Stone Getaway

Rocklin is named that for a reason, combine the natural fine rock features with some fountains and pottery to have a low maintenance, irrigation free landscape. This affordable option can create any space into the most water-wise landscape with potted color elements. Try mixing bits of gravel alongside granite and stone to give your landscape some variety as well as depth.

Japanese Garden

With some fine ponds and a little gravel Zen garden you can feng shui any landscape into your ideal eastern relaxation spot. Meditation gardens include drought resistant bamboo and elegant water features to bring out the natural serenity of your yard.

Entertainment Oasis

Rather than using grass to fill your lawn go for stamped concrete with a few big natural features like trees and shrubs to give your landscape an edge for entertainment. Installing an outdoor kitchen with potted plants and plenty of seating, maybe even a fire pit, can make your home the ideal place for late night parties without using any irrigation other than an occasional hosing down. Don’t limit yourself with grass.

California Native plants

Above all else, even if you want to keep your grass, swap out all your plants for California native options. You will be able to instead use plants that require much less maintenance and water. Finding options that are locals to our areas means you can have natural beauty without the cost of other options.

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