Winterscaping in Sacramento

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If you live in the Greater Sacramento area, there is a landscaping term you probably haven’t heard before: Winterscaping. As the name implies, winterscaping is a type of landscape design that is carefully created to look amazing in winter.

Winterscaping involves a lot of features that seem to look better in winter, such as arbors, bushes, trees, winter flowers, covered walkways, and more. It also involves functional features as well, including:

  • Fire Pits/Fire Places
  • Covered Patios
  • Hardscape, etc.

The goal if winterscape design is to make sure that your landscape looks amazing in winter and is a fun place for you and your family. While most landscapes are designed for summer, the warmth makes it easier to enjoy walking, running, hiking, and other activities that take place away from the home. But in winter, you’re generally stuck in your own home, and that means finding ways to enjoy your home (and the outdoors) even more.

Winterscaping in Sacramento

Winterscaping in the Greater Sacramento area, however, is much rarer simply because Sacramento isn’t prone to snow, and it’s warmer all throughout the year. But if you’re a person that loves the winter, and still wants to enjoy the backyard, there are some features and winter landscape designs that are still great for even Sacramento backyards.

  • Fire Places/Pits – Even though you may not need them to stay warm in the snow, fireplaces and fire pits still warm the backyard and make it more enjoyable. It’s definitely something to consider if you plan to make your yard winter friendly.
  • Ambient Lighting – It may not always get freezing cold during Sacramento winters, but it still gets dark early. Some type of ambient lighting can really add to your landscape design so that you’re able to see and enjoy the backyard even more.
  • Outdoor Barbecue – Winter is football season, and since it doesn’t snow in Sacramento, it’s also a great time to barbecue outdoors and really take advantage of your winter landscape. Outdoor barbecues can also be covered to protect them from the elements.
  • Movie Theater/Screen – While not vastly improve the functionality of your landscape by adding an outdoor movie theater near the fire pit. You can watch movies on a big screen, cuddle up near the fire, and spend a lot of time taking advantage of the darker outdoors.

These are just a few of the suggestions for Sacramento winterscaping. Preparing a landscape design for winter isn’t necessarily that common in the Greater Sacramento area, but homeowners that tend to spend summers away from home often find that they enjoy their backyard a great deal more when it’s a great place to spend time during winter, and so winter landscaping ideas are something you may want to consider.

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