5 Plants for Cats – Make Cats Crazy in Your Sacramento Landscape

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Are you someone that really loves cats? While most people decorate their landscape for themselves, cat lovers – especially those that have outdoor cats – may want to create a landscape design that is cat-centric, with a cat-friendly landscape that is certain to make all of your furry pets satisfied.

Scratch posts are going to be a big part of a cat friendly landscape, as will shade areas. But of course, with cats, it’s the plants that are going to make the most difference, and luckily there are several fun plants that you can put around your yard to keep your cats happy:

  • Catnip – The most well known of the cat-friendly plants, catnip drives cats wild and is a safe plant for them to chew on.
  • Cat Grass – Cats love it and it’s filled with important nutrients, making it a great choice for cats to eat. Cat grass isn’t something you normally find replacing turf, but as an addition to a garden or in a planter it can make your cats incredibly happy.
  • Mint – Mind is a great herb to grow in the garden and a delicious choice for your cats. Cats love to gnaw on mind, and if you keep a little bit away from your cats you can use it as a garnish in your own foods as well.
  • Valerian – While it’s most well known as an herbal supplement for sleep and anxiety, it is also a flavorful herb for cats. It’s also a mild stimulant, and some report seeing some humorous and fun behaviors from their cats after they eat it.
  • Lemongrass – Finally, there is lemongrass. Lemongrass is also a mild insect repellant, but it is better known for its pleasant smell. Cats love lemongrass, and as long as it’s placed in the right spots under the supervision of your landscaper, lemongrass can add to the beauty of a landscape design as well.

Planting for cats is a great way to make sure your cats are always happy. Even if you have indoor cats, you can pick leaves from these plants at any time and bring them to your cats to enjoy. The one downside of having this many cat friendly plants is that it’s not uncommon for them to attract stray cats as well, but for those that don’t mind a few cats in their backyard enjoying their landscape, these plants are a great way to create a cat friendly landscape design.

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