3 Places to Get Inspiration for Your Landscape

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Often times, homeowners will walk outside, look at their yard, and say to themselves “I need to do something about this.” Their front yard doesn’t display the way they feel, or what they want out of their home. In some cases it is in disrepair, but in nearly all cases the landscape simply doesn’t give you the curb appeal and positive emotions that you should experience from your landscape design.

But what do you do? At FiveSTAR Landscape, we employ a team of trained architects to develop ideas that meet your needs and personality, but if you’re like most people you probably want to come up with some ideas on your own. Here are 3 places you can go to get inspiration.

Here are 3 Places to Get Inspiration for Your Landscape

The best inspiration simply comes from the things you love. Do you love barbecuing for friends? Get an outdoor barbecue and a seating area. Do you love the water? Consider a water feature or non-traditional pool. Do you love dogs? Consider a dog-friendly landscape. You are your own person, and you can do almost anything you can imagine. But if you’re really looking for information, consider the following:

  • Walking Your Neighborhood – Before all else, walk your neighborhood and see what people in your area are doing. You will often find landscapes you love in the yards of others, and you can use that to imagine a new front yard, or even a complementary backyard. If you love the landscapes in your neighborhood your own landscape will likely fit in very well.
  • Pinterest – Of course, the best place to look for interesting landscaping ideas is Pinterest. There are millions of photos of both backyards and front yards, and you can start a collection of inspiration that you can then put into your own landscape design. See what people are pinning about and save them as inspiration for your own landscape.
  • Vacations and Getaways – Often the best inspiration actually comes from other countries. Rather than look solely at landscaping, which limits you to what people have already completed, consider looking at national and international photography – of the oases and resorts all around the world that have long been lauded for their beauty. You may find that your inspiration comes from the designs and outdoor art of other countries, not necessarily what people have done in their landscapes before.

With a few exceptions, if you can dream it, FiveSTAR Landscape can do it. The question is simply figuring out what you want and finding the materials to create it, and if you really want an incredible landscape design it is worth taking some time to get inspired, so that you can tell your architect what you truly desire.

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