5 Tips for an Incredible Landscape Design

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One of the things that makes the idea of a custom landscape so incredible is that there are almost no limitations. Anything you can dream up, there is some way to turn it into a reality in your front or backyard, and that means that the only real limitation is your imagination.

Still, although you can have any landscape you want, there are always going to be ways to make it better. The following are several strategies that can help you create an incredible landscape design.

5 Tips for an Incredible Landscape Design

  • Flower Bloom Time

Chances are your landscape has a lot of different flowers or plants around the yard. One of the ways to maximize those plants on your landscape is to plan their bloom time.

Not all plants bloom at the same time. You can choose to have flowers and plants that all bloom at the same time, or you can choose flowers that all bloom at different times so that your landscape changes throughout the year. Selecting based on bloom time is uncommon, but can make for an excellent landscape.

  • More Hardscape

Whenever anyone thinks of landscapes, they think of green grass and plants. But that’s not necessarily what you need, especially in a drought and even more so if you are not in love with mowing. Hardscape often makes for a better priority. With more concrete, paver stones, features, etc., your landscape will look great all year and will continue to look great even without any upkeep. While grass may be soft on the foot, there are many ways to add color and vibrancy to a landscape while still using hardscape to decrease maintenance and ensure your landscape looks amazing all year.

  • Unique Landscapes and Themes

As we mentioned in the introduction, there aren’t many limitations to landscapes, and that means you can create something that really transforms a yard – a themed landscape. Don’t hold back. If there is something you love in life, like hummingbirds, or fish, or sports, or gardening, tell your designer and create a landscape that will bring you joy each and every day.

  • Create Dimensions

If you really want a landscape to pop, it should literally pop. Consider adding features to your landscape design that add height and dimensions, like a fire pit or retaining wall, so that when people look at your landscape their eyes go back and forth between all of the different areas.

  • Have Something Special

No matter your landscape design, try to find something that really makes your landscape special. Whether it’s an art piece or a fancy/pricy outdoor barbecue or a canopy with rare flowers, there should be something in your landscape that makes someone go “wow” and remember it forever. The wow factor is what increases the value of your property and helps it sell faster, and it turns any normal landscape design into an incredible one just by its presence.

The Creation of the Perfect Landscape

You don’t even need to do anything special to still have a great landscape. A basic landscape overhaul can still be beautiful, because the outdoors is already beautiful. But there are ways to turn a beautiful landscape into an incredible one, and at FiveSTAR Landscape, we’re happy to discuss all of the different options with you and figure out how to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

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