Choosing a Landscaping Company

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Choosing a Landscaping Company

Choosing a Landscaping Company

Choosing a Landscape Design Company: Choosing a landscaping company can be overwhelming.  Landscaping your dream yard is an investment so finding the right partner can save a lot of headache and heartache.  Do you hire a landscape architect, landscape designer or landscape contractor?  Or do you go with a design-build firm?

Ease of Access

Easy to get a hold of:  Can you get a real person on the phone?  Or does your voice mail message get returned late in the evening? If it’s hard to get ahold of the landscaping company, getting a quote may be even more difficult.

Getting a Quote

Easy to get a quote:  Does the landscaper submit a quote in a timely fashion?  When landscapers get busy, it can be difficult to get a quote.


Stunning Landscape Design Portfolio:  Does the landscaping company have an extensive portfolio that shows their work?  Ask to see designs, recent installations and ask for references as well.  Have they won any awards for their designs?  In general, the longer they’ve been in business, the larger the portfolio.

The Design

Award Winning Landscape Design:  Your landscape can be designed by a landscape designer or a landscape architect.

Anyone can call themselves a landscape designer.  Landscape architects must have a four year degree from an accredited university and then be board certified and licensed.  Earning the title of Landscape Architect is a lengthy and expensive process.

Since most dream yards involve numerous construction projects, a design created by a landscape architect can save time and money.  There’s nothing worse than having to tear out your hard work because a few details weren’t accounted for.

Check to see if the landscape company offers designs by landscape architects or landscape designers.

The Installation

Landscape Design Installation: Does the landscape company have sufficient experience installing every aspect of your dream landscape — from stamped concrete, stone walls and outdoor kitchens, to water features, fire pits and shade structures?

Payment Options

Landscape Design Financing Options: Ask the landscaping company about the financing options they have available.

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