Have You Pruned Your Roses Yet?

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Have You Pruned Your Roses Yet?

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Sacramento Roses typically need more attention… they grow fast!

Now is the time before your rose bushes start to grow.

Why Prune?

Bigger blooms!  More blooms!  Earlier blooms!

By eliminating old and weak growth, the plant’s energy can go toward producing beautiful roses.  Pruning also lets in more sunlight which helps the bush to grow.

How To Prune

Put on sturdy gloves, a long sleeve shirt and grab your gardening shears.

First, evaluate your bush.  Start with the end in mind.  When you’re finished the bush should have:

  • a uniform height with the canes between 18 and 24 inches
  • a center opening which lets in light
  • canes that grow up and out
  • no canes criss-crossing or rubbing against each other
  • only one cane per joint

When you prune, be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle, beginning just above an outward facing bud.  This keeps the bush from growing toward the center where stems can rub and become tangled.

Now you begin the process of elimination.  Get rid of old and weak canes.  Make sure only one cane comes out of each joint.  Don’t put up with canes that are rubbing against each other.

It might seem drastic, but your garden (and rose bush!) will thank you for it.

So go take a look at your rose bushes and see if they could use some pruning

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