Creative Uses for Hardscape in your Landscape

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There is so much more to creating the perfect xeriscaping than planting a few succulents and drought tolerant grass. With our landscape design professionals based out of Sacramento, we are now focusing on creative ways to include hardscape in your lawn design without simply pouring a ton of concrete. With stains, stamps, and all sorts of local rocks available, hardscape is better than ever. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional. Let the landscaping architects of Sacramento show you what you can really do with any landscape and some hardscape. (For more ideas feel free to book a free at home consultation for an appointment ASAP). Our professional are experts in landscaping Sacramento! Check out our favorite creative uses for hardscape in your landscape:

Retaining Walls

First and foremost, the most common use of hardscape is the use of stones and cement for retaining walls. Retaining walls help you develop more hilly parts of your land. They can also help Sacramento landscape designs have much more depth and interesting focal points. Hardscape in terms of retaining walls can have a lot of meanings. Often we find clients enjoy stacked brick or natural looking stone for a more cottage feeling. Others enjoy poured concrete walls with some tile detail. The beauty of truly talented hardscape designers is that we can create any landscape vision into a complete reality.

When you think a hardscape pathway you probably see a concrete path. While there are many variations in that particular design, you might find that there are all sorts of hardscape options for you. A combination of retaining wall and pathway makes for a very dimensional front yard. Also, we often find over-sized stone create a natural sort of landscape pathway without looking too man made. The beauty of xeriscaping is that your landscaping can vary greatly and you can make it what you want. Drought tolerant does not mean sacrificing function at all.


Hardscape in terms of a patio or deck can include poured concrete, wood, stone, tile, or so much more. Many of our customers like the pavers look and often focus on how they can get a great organized paver patio. Because this type of hardscape is excellent for entertainment it’s generally a no brainer for many clients.

With small backyards, large patios can be the best drought tolerant option. Potted plants atop a stamped concrete or laid brick landscape patio are often popular in drought seasons. Without sacrificing your water bill you can have a beautiful above ground garden and a large entertainment space for multipurpose use.

Focal Points

Focal points are our favorite part of landscaping with hardscape. Using cement or pavers you can create bird baths, secret gardens, above ground fire places and so much more. The use of natural stone and other colored hardscape can lift any landscape from a simple backyard of turf to a really dimensional product.

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