Ideas to Turn Your Roseville, CA Home into an Eco-friendly Eden

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Everyone wants to own a beautifully designed landscape, but the drought in Roseville, CA makes you wonder if the plants you choose for your garden would survive with a scarcity and price of water. In order to have a flourishing landscape all year long, it is extremely important to plan out your landscape to suit the climatic conditions. It can be a daunting task without any proper guidance. But beautifying a Roseville landscape is a lot easier if you have the right help from expert Sacramento landscape contractors.

Landscape contractors can guide you to choose the right drought tolerant plants that will beautify your homes exterior. Read further to learn how to design an eco-friendly Eden in the climate of Roseville.

Choose Your Plants Wisely: If you choose plants that require a lot of irrigation, then not only are you putting a burden on yourself, but also on the available resources. It is a smart decision to choose plants that are well suited to the climate, or plants that are native to the region. If you think that your options would be limited, you are mistaken. With the right contractors, you can curate a beautiful arrangement of plants in your landscape.

Kid Safe Spaces: If you have children at home, it might be a good idea to get them their own space to play outdoors. Often homeowners do not plan this aspect of landscape design and have to constantly worry about their kids touching some plant or ruining the flower patches. Sacramento landscape contractors can incorporate plants that are children friendly, including plants that are not dangerous if they put anything in their mouths. You can also consider adding a play area for them to tire out during the day, which will help them go to bed at night.

Hardscaping: If you prefer grey over green, you can choose to hardscape instead of landscape. Patios, walkways, fire-pits, benches and so much more can be done in your yard if you want to avoid the mud and dirt. You can add small details like lighting and patio furniture to make your outdoors a relaxing place even in the dark. You can also use this place to host a soiree without having to worry about getting your house muddy with guests coming in and going out.
If you need more ideas to beautify your homes landscape, contact us for a free consultation today to discuss your options and get an estimate of the costs.

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