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Are you looking for tree installation in Sacramento? Well you have come to the right place! Trees are one of the best additions to any landscape. They represent life, they provide shade, and they are a great way to give your home a more natural appearance.

We provide a considerable amount of tree installation as part of our Sacramento landscape services here at FiveSTAR, which is why we also want to provide you with these tips for selecting and adding trees to your landscape.

Tips for Tree Landscaping

  • Consider the Long Term

If you’re landscaping on a budget and planning to be in your home for a long time, consider buying younger trees and letting them grow, rather than a fully grown tree. It can take decades for a tree to grow to full size, but smaller trees can cost as little as 1/10th as much as a full grown tree.

  • Check From All Angles

Trees can be fantastic additions to any landscape, but they can also take away from it, because their sheer size can detract from other parts of your yard. Before you install any tree, try to imagine it from all angles and make sure it will fit with the overall theme of the landscape. Don’t forget to talk to your landscape contractor as well and get their input.

  • Consider the Tree Carefully

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but all trees are different, and because they’re all different you should always make sure that you’re carefully considering which tree you decide to add to your landscape. Make sure it’s one you’re going to love for years – one where you’ve considered the maintenance and upkeep, the look of the tree, and more. Trees are a commitment as much as they are a plant, and you should be in love with the one that you ultimately choose.

Trees and the Larger Landscape

Trees are just one part of a good landscape, and generally not one you do on its own. But a great tree can also be an excellent choice for homeowners that want to make their landscape really pop, and possibly contribute to a better environment as well.

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