3 Examples of Green Landscaping

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It’s never been more important than it is right now to pay attention to the impact that you have on the environment. From water use (California is still struggling with its drought) to energy waste, even the simply things like turning off a light or skipping a car wash can help the environment dramatically.

That’s why so many people are choosing environmentally friendly landscape designs, or “green landscaping.” While all landscape designs can be environmentally friendly in their own right, there are ways that you can upgrade your landscape to help reduce your impact on the environment while still maintaining a beautiful property.

Here Are The Best 3 Examples of Green Landscaping

  • Xeriscaping

The most effective strategy for building an amazing green landscape is xeriscaping, or drought tolerant landscaping. This is where you use hardscape, drought resistant plants, and other decorations to reduce or completely eliminate the need for watering. Most have almost no upkeep at all, so not only are you not watering, you’re also not using a lawn mower or providing any sort of pollution into the environment. This is the best form of green landscape design.

  • Artificial Turf

While artificial turf is a part of xeriscaping, it deserves its own section because you can use artificial turf on any landscape design – even one that has more plans and requires more upkeep. Of your entire yard, the grass is the part that often requires the most water and mowing. Replace the grass with artificial turf (but keep everything else) and you already reduce your water use dramatically.  Find out how to get money back with our Cash for Grass Rebate Program.

  • Trees Instead of Fire Pits

Finally, while many homeowners install fire pits, ambient lighting, and other polluters, the Greater Sacramento area could still benefit from more trees – the number one plant that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. Trees do require some upkeep, but they are also the best way to fight pollution.

Other Green Landscaping Strategies

You can also try solar powered energy in your landscape design, or take advantage of insect/mosquito repelling plants so that you’re in less need of pest control. There are many ways to create a green landscape design, and if your goal is to reduce your effect on the environment, the above strategies are a great place to start.

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