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Xeriscape Irrigation Systems in Landscape Design


There are a wide selection of irrigation options for any landscape design in the Sacramento area. What is more complicated is choosing one that is right for your Xeriscape (low irrigation landscape). You don’t want any issues with city wide water limits nor are you looking at spending way too much on a landscape design that isn’t even alive. So how can you balance watering your plants with, well, conservation efforts for the drought? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly because we are the Xeriscape professionals, we have some pretty unique landscape irrigation options for even the most complicated Sacramento backyard.

Think ahead to Irrigate in this Drought

You’re going to have to plan on how you want to irrigate in this Sacramento water shortage. But this is easier than ever. First, if you are planning on replanting or upgrading your landscape design you can have it rebuilt to utilize all water resources. Plan ahead with California native plants that require less water or plan ahead with sloped or terraced landscaping in order to use excess water to flow from one section to another from your landscape. For an already existing landscape, plan on how long each day you need to water. Get a great idea of what is actually necessary versus what you use simply because your old gardener set the sprinkler system that way. Having some foresight can keep your wallet in your pocket and your El Dorado Hills landscaping job as beautiful as the first day it was made.

Use the Hills in Sacramento Lawns

Some of you will be lucky enough to have some natural dips and slopes in your yard. This is a great way to utilize all your landscape irrigation because you can plant things based off of immediate need and use the run off from larger watering projects to feed the smaller ones. It’s quite simple and any Sacramento landscaper can help you design your lawn around these principles. Don’t get rid of your hills, use them!

Ditch the Green and Go Green

Getting rid of grass is the best way to truly Xeriscape. You have a few irrigation options for this. First, you can get grass that requires very little watering regularly or you can switch to a more natural landscape like a garden or a more modern feel with more hardscape and potted features. This allows for drip lines or manual watering that you can monitor yourself regularly. Losing grass may seem like a loss but in fact, the most beautiful landscapes rarely have turf but instead show a wide selection of artistic integrity.

Soil Says it All

Instead of worrying about irrigation you can instead use mulch and soil enhancers. When the soil is healthy the plants will absorb water much more effectively which means you will have to water much less frequently. It’s a great landscape trick that also adds to statewide water conservation needs.

To get a Xeriscape design contact us today and use your free consultation to talk about how you can use water better in your yard.

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