Defining Xeriscaping

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Defining Xeriscaping (Drought Tolerant Landscaping)

Defining Xeriscaping (Drought Tolerant Landscaping)

All About a Water Efficient Landscape Design

When you build a landscape from the bottom up, there are quite a few little things you can do to make it a water efficient landscape design. Planning the use of water in your yard gives you much greater control over all your water bills when it comes to keeping plants and outdoor features looking fresh and lively. Many landscapes are simply given to you when you purchase a home and therefore you don’t get any of this control, however upgrading to a Xerscape may be just the backyard design solution you need to make your mark on the efficiency of your landscape.

What does it mean to Xeriscape?

Well, it quite literally means to design a lawn with little to NO irrigation. That means you could potentially eliminate your need for water in your yard all together. It is a type of design that utilizes dry features and synthetic materials to create the appearance of a lively and beautiful lawn without using unnecessary water. It means that you can have a wide different selection of landscapes from a garden feature to a traditional looking lawn without having to install extra pricy irrigation. It is in effect a way to dryscape your lawn by simply reducing lawn waste and high maintenance plants. With such a limited supply of water available, a Xeriscaping design is a great way to keep your home looking beautiful without splurging on water bills.

Benefits of Xeriscaping your Folsom Lawn

There are a plethora of benefits that come from making the most out of your landscape with water conscious design. Here is a breakdown of the ways you save money and energy on your Xeriscape landscape design:

  • Investment- It’s a great way to add value to your home. Xeriscape landscape design can improve the resale value and equity of your home by a large amount each month. It is truly an investment to be water smart.
  • Organic- You can cut down on the toxic fertilizers and pesticides when you opt for a Xeriscape design that survives more naturally without artificial irrigation.
  • Cut down Care- You will have much less maintenance to do with a landscape that is made out of water-saving materials. In fact you could never have to mow a lawn again. That’s a pretty great benefit.
  • Lower Bills- If you no longer have to water a landscape, you can be quite confident that you will no longer have large unmanageable water bills on a regular basis. If 50% of you water is used on your lawn, then you could save nearly 50% on water bills with one of Fivestar’s fully customizable landscape designs.

Want More Information on Sacramento Water conservation landscaping?

Stay tuned in this month to hear more about Xeriscape and how it can solve your landscape problems. You can even get more personalized info by clicking here to make an online appointment.

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