5 Tips for Landscape Paving

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Paving is one of the most common services we provide here at FiveSTAR Landscape, because hardscape is easily the most important part of any property. While many people think about plants and ambiance, it’s the paving and hardscape that turns land into usable space, provides focal points for any plants/grass, and “cleans” the landscape so that it has more visual appeal. But it’s also important to remember some very important tips when it comes to paving and hardscape. Read our top 5 Tips for Landscape Paving :

Tip 1: Consider a Wall

Even though it may not seem like it, weeds can be stronger than pavement. Consider both treating your landscape with a weed killer and creating a wall around the hardscape so that the grass and weeds aren’t able to creep in as easily.

Tip 2: Pack Your Base

Paving requires a strong base, especially in the Greater Sacramento area where the elements can really be hard on your landscape. Make sure that you pack in the ground beneath it to create a very strong base for your hardscape.

Tip 3: Consider Adding Sand

Even though your paving will be tight, if there are cracks it’s a good idea to add a lot of sand. This will retain the natural look, but allow the water to drain more easily and keep any open air pockets filled with a long lasting material.

Tip 4: Be Creative

Paving comes in all different shapes and sizes, and there are so many options once you also consider stamped concrete and other Sacramento paver services. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, and find the style that maximizes your landscape.

Tip 5: Remember Your Edging

Pavement can move over time. Proper landscape edging and curbing can be very effective for both improving the look of your landscape design and keeping your paving choices in place.

Get Started With Pavers in Sacramento

Paving is one of the best additions you can make to your landscape design. But it needs to be completed by experts. Contact FiveSTAR Landscape today to find out more about our paving and landscaping solutions.

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