3 Examples of Winter Landscaping Features

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The Sacramento area may not be known for its winters, given that it often feels like it is 100 degrees for 11 months of the year, but for some, winter is actually the time that more people go outdoors. The blazing heat is over, which means that you can step foot out on your backyard without worrying about burning or heat stroke.

That’s why many homeowners decide to add winter landscaping features to their landscape design, because it gives them more to do during the winter months when they want to go outside. Confused about what to add to winter landscape your yard?

Here Are 3 Examples of Winter Landscaping Features

  • Fireplace/Firepit

Of course, the most important feature of a great winter landscape is going to be some type of fireplace or fire pit. There is nothing like sitting outside on a cool day, lighting a fire, and enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family. Fire pits also provide a natural ambient lighting that makes outdoors in the summer more enjoyable as well, and they’re designed in a way that improves the value of your property.

  • Outdoor Barbecue

Similarly, an outdoor barbecue is a great addition to a winter landscape design. With football season in full effect and the warmth of the barbecue pit, spending some time out during the day and barbecuing up a storm is a great way to make the slightly warmer (but still a bit chilly) Sacramento winter weather more enjoyable.

  • Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can also be very useful. Because winter has earlier nights, the right outdoor lighting placed in areas that you want to enjoy can ensure that as the evening creeps in early, you can simply turn on the lights and continue to enjoy the outdoors. This is especially useful for those that like to eat outside, and those that have any areas for sports or golf that could be enjoyable in the evening.

Other Winter Landscaping Ideas

You can also consider covered patios to protect yourself from the rain, plants that thrive well in winter, and artificial turf so that you can enjoy the “grass” of your landscape all throughout the year. When most homeowners think of landscape design, they focus on the benefits of landscape design for summer. But late fall to early spring is still an important time of year, and for some the cooler weather is an even better time to get outdoors.

If you’re someone that wants to spend more time outdoors this winter, consider the above winter landscaping tips and find out more about these services from FiveSTAR Landscape.

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