3 Things You Can Do With a Tree Stump in Your Landscape

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Trees may make beautiful additions to a landscape design, but often tree stumps do not. When you have a tree stump on your property, it’s not uncommon to call a tree removal company to get that tree stump out of there as quickly as possible. Often that’s done by grinding it down until none of the remaining stump can be seen above land. It’s effective, although remnants of the tree still exist.

But rather than grind your tree stump, why not put it to good use? The following are several ideas for converting that tree stump into something more functional.

3 Things You Can Do With a Tree Stump in Your Landscape

  • Tree Planter

One of the most common uses of tree stumps is turning them into a planter for live plants. Tree stumps are actually fantastic places to create planters. Simply dig out the center and plant a plant that fits with the rest of your landscape design, and suddenly that tree stump is your most creative and decorative planter on your entire landscape.

  • Table/Seating Area

Another simple strategy is to turn it into some type of eating area. File it down until the stump is as flat as possible and put a table base on top of it. Suddenly you have an eating area that you can use any time you want in the middle of your landscape design. Great for those that want to have eating areas for kids or a special place for romantic dates.

  • Board Game Table

Similarly, with a little bit of painting and the right surface, you can transform your tree stumps into board game tables for games like chess or checkers. Imagine never having to worry about a board, and simply placing pieces on the tree stump. You could play a lot of games without worrying about accidentally bumping the board, and you could put it in an area with a nice ambiance to make playing board games a relaxing adventure.

Other Uses for Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can also become art pieces, chairs, and other functional spots around your property, so in many ways there are few limits to the number of ways you can use a tree stump. Nevertheless, if you have a tree stump on your property, the above list is a great way to turn that stump into something useful, rather than simply grind it down and remove it.

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