5 Incredible Elements for Landscape Design

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5 Incredible Elements for Landscape Design in Sacramento

Elements for Landscape Design

Sacramento’s warm, dry, fertile Mediterranean climate lends itself to outdoor living at its finest. From early spring through late autumn, Northern California weather allows you to extend your home entertaining beyond its interior, through the doors and out into the garden, deck or poolside. Incorporating unique aspects into your overall architectural plan can lead you to an inspired backyard environment. Open your mind, be bold and manifest a vision that ultimately creates the tranquil, serene outdoor space of your dreams.

Here are 5 “incredible” elements to consider when you are ready to begin your Sacramento landscape design journey:

#1: Incredibly “Feng Shui” Water, Pond and Fountain Features

Studies have shown that the sound of moving water has many health benefits as well as significantly contributes to one’s emotional well being. Water environments are not only beautiful, but water’s soothing properties promote peacefulness, harmony and balance. You can incorporate inventive and unique aquatic features into your backyard strategy with:

  • Stairway fountains inserted into paths and walkways.
  • Pondless fountains for safety around small children and pets.
  • Repurpose garden ornaments transformed into bumbling fountains.
  • Pool swim-up bars.

#2: Incredibly Retro Hedges and Topiary

Living fences have been a integral part of European gardens for centuries but recently landscape designers are returning to their traditional roots and bringing back the classic green hedge, box topiaries and sculptured, symmetrically trimmed bushes and scrubs. These manicured plants act as barriers for privacy and windbreaks while giving order and elegance to both grand estates and suburban homes.

The most popular plants used to create hedges and topiaries are:

  • Evergreen and woody plants like boxwood and mountain laurels for privacy.
  • Thorny and prickly-leaved plants like hawthorn and holly for security.
  • Italian Cypress trees for defining property lines.
  • Yew and Rosemary for topiary.

#3: Incredibly Trendy Outdoor Spaces

Moving beyond the B.B.Q. is the current trend of outdoor kitchens and living spaces. When deciding on solutions for a patio kitchen take into account the blending of the natural environment with the tone of your home’s interior. In addition, remember to:

  • Use materials that can withstand the elements.
  • Place the kitchen in the center of activity.
  • Add a fireplace or wood fire pizza oven.
  • Include appliances and features you would normally have indoors.

#4: Incredibly Avant Garde Garden Sculptures

A sculpture garden is an important opportunity to express your personal style and artistic preferences. Whether you are adding non-representational sculptures, figurines or statutes, when designing and purchasing art for your garden ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I prefer classic or modern art?
  • Are the sculptures the focal point of my yard?
  • Are the sculptures meaningful to me?

#5: Incredibly Creative and Sustainable Landscapes

Xeriscape and drought tolerant plants are suitable for a Mediterranean climate and will thrive in your Sacramento landscape design project. It’s a good idea to think about using native California plants and sustainable organic practices in the feeding and maintenance of your garden whenever possible. With so many eco-friendly landscape products to choose from, your plants and the Earth will surely thank you.

A Place in the Sun

Utilizing some or all of these 5 incredible elements for your Sacramento landscape design will increase, not only the enjoyment of your renovated outdoor property, but the value of your home as well. The result is a yard with an ambiance that reflects your personality and lifestyle and one that you and your family will be proud of for years to come.

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