7 Myths That Could Effect Garden Landscaping

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7 Myths That Could Effect Garden Landscaping


MYTH #1: If you cut the grass very short, you won’t have to mow as often.

Do you want a brown grass less lawn? This is a fairly common sight for homeowners who mow grass too short.

The grass isn’t long enough to take in its daily dose of sunlight. Instead, the sun burns the roots, and weeds sprout as a result. So now the ground has patches of mushy muck and overgrowing weeds. Your watering of what remains of this lawn only makes it worse. Now you need some garden landscaping.

MYTH #2: Watering after sundown takes less water.

Sounds logical, right? The temperature is cooler so the grass receives more water. WRONG. But you save water. WRONG. If you want fungi to grow on your lawn and infect it, then sure go ahead and water it at night. Soon you’ll need a new lawn and some garden landscaping. Otherwise, sprinkle up to an inch of water early mornings, during hot weather.

MYTH #3: My lawn doesn’t need fertilizer

This is all in the execution. The right amount of fertilizer keeps:

  • the grass cooler
  • produces more oxygen
  • the air and area is cleaner

MYTH #4: You need a lawn.

Welcome to the 21st century where you have more options than ever for your garden landscaping. Choose from:

  • bushes
  • rocks
  • mulch
  • trees
  • synthetic grass

and more in any combination. Plus, you will not have to take the time to mow.


MYTH #5: You can only plant in spring.
You missed spring. Boy are you sorry you missed the chance to plant new seeds or plants.

You’re in luck. Not only can you plant in the spring, but you can also plant in the fall. 55 degrees Fahrenheit is the minimum standard for planting seeds.

If it’s a plant–depending on the kind– you can even plant it during the summer. During the dry, hot summer, make sure to water them regularly. Summer plants have the added bonus of actually becoming more robust and stronger by the time of winter.


MYTH #6: It doesn’t make a difference if I get a landscaper.

Lots can go wrong when you don’t hire an excellent professional for garden landscaping. For example, when grass, bushes and trees are placed too close to the house, bugs will encroach and enter your personal space. Bugs swarm in grass and hide in leaves.

Wildlife gain access to your beloved home when trees are in close proximity. For example, squirrels will crawl all over your roof. They could even find a way inside.

Additionally, baby birds could be chirping inside the roof and walls. Do you really want to listen to that racket all day? Professional landscapers will arrange the placement of trees so these undesirable situations do not happen.

Branches too close to your house can fall. Trees can rot and die, and a professional landscaper can assess which ones are actually dead and truncate and prune off the parts that are potential hazards so they don’t damage your house.

The landscapers will keep the living trees and plants looking vibrant. Chopping off too much damages a tree, and causes it to wither; chopping off too little can result in the tree growing in the wrong place.

MYTH #4: You don’t need to clean leaves until spring.
Who needs to clean leaves in the fall? You will just wait till the spring.

Rotten old leaves are a bug magnet. Insects will sneak closer and closer to your home. Additionally, if the leaves pile up, they can get packed, which in warmer weather have the potential to start forest fires.

Too many leaves can also block plants from receiving the water they need.

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