City-Wide Water Limits

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City-Wide Water Limits for Landscape Design

City-Wide Water Limits for Landscape Design

Inevitably when you are trying to pick a landscape design for your Sacramento home this year, you will come across some issues with irrigation and water options. Due to extreme lows in waterfall and precipitation this year some cities in the Sacramento area will face some water limitations this summer. This may have some serious effects on the type of landscape design you choose this year. With water limitations, you may find that you have a few fewer options available in your budget. Thankfully, this does not mean you have to sacrifice beauty. In this blog, we will discuss both the limitations of your district and some alternative landscape options.

Folsom Landscape Water Conservation

Because Folsom lake is at a record low, there have been some mandatory water cutbacks in the area. This means that there are limitations on landscape watering. Residential and business locations are being required to limit water consumption for landscapes to twice a week and a prohibition of water usage to clean your sidewalk, patio, and driveway. These limitations may seem like you are stuck with an unkempt Folsom lawn but this simply is not the case. With FiveSTAR Landscape you can have a wide selection of yard design options that can reduce or even eliminate your need for irrigation altogether. Now is the time to save and re-landscape.

Sacramento Water Limitation for Landscaping

Sacramento County is adopting a Stage 2 Water contingency plan that will limit citywide the use of water. This is a 20-30% cut in water use for all members of the community. With such severe limits on water, you may just want to switch to a better landscape option all together rather than relying on irrigation for your previous Sacramento landscape design project. Our landscapers are more than qualified to help you beat the water shortage with a highly efficient landscape design that will cut down on your water consumption altogether.

Alternatives for your Hard To Landscape Areas

Xeriscape is a type of landscaping that uses little to no irrigation to accomplish your landscape design. This means that you can include all your favorite colors and features without adding to your water bill. In fact, we often find that people save on water altogether. Although California is in a drought, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful landscape to stay in line with the water conservation laws. From natural grasses to rock features and California native plants that can survive long hot summer with no water, you can have curb appeal hand in hand with water conservation.

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