December Veggie Gardening Tips Sacramento

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December Veggie Gardening Sacramento, CA

December Veggie Gardening

December Veggie Gardening Tips with FiveSTAR Landscape in Sacramento

(Zone 9b Sacramento, CA – Review your Landscape Design and Garden and how your season went. What did good and what did not do so good. Every home has different light and different temperatures. It is important to realize what does good and not so good at your home.) If you have a beautiful backyard garden or are considering a landscape renovation in Sacramento, December is time for a review.

December is Review Your Garden Time!

For every activity in life, it is important to work hard and do it, and it is equally important to sit back and review how it went. This is a crucial step with a garden. December is the time for you to sit down and think about how your garden went this year. A garden journal will help you with this process. What plants worked well, and what plants did not do so well? Do you need to move any crops to different locations next year?

Research Solutions for Recent Problems in the Summer

This is also the time to research solutions for problems you might not have had time to fix during the year. If you had a terrible insect infestation that you were not able to get under control, take the time now to find out what to do about it. If you lost plants to fungus or disease, do some major research now – you may need to start treating the soil now to keep it from coming back next year.

Start working on your Gardening Plans for Next Year

The quiet, cold time of the year is the ideal time to start working on your plans for next year’s garden, based on your successes and failures this year. Remember, there is really no such thing as failure. There’s success, and there’s learning. Take advantage of December as your time for learning based on what worked and what didn’t in the past year, and start getting ready for your garden next year!

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