Stock Tank Pools and Landscape Design

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Stock Tank Pools in Landscape Design


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Stock tank pools can be a great element in landscape design. The rustic beauty of the corrugated metal can add a lot to any landscape. Metal can be a difficult metal to add into a landscape design, especially when you consider the problem of rust. But when you pair rugged metal with warm wood and some luxurious and lush plants, the effect can be absolutely stunning.

Stock tank pool options


Just because you put a stock tank pool in your yard, that does not mean that you are stuck with a big metal tank sitting on the ground. There are many options you can take explore to turn your stock tank into exactly the landscape design asset you have been looking for.

Wood siding

You can add wood to the exterior of your stock tank for a warm, earthy effect. This is a great way to reduce the harshness of the metal in the look of your landscape design. If you are insulating your stock tank, a wood covering is the natural choice for the insulation. If insulation is left exposed to the elements, it will quickly disintegrate.


You can paint a stock tank pool to blend in with your landscaping. Many people opt for white because of the clean, bright look it gives to their outdoor areas.


For a luxurious pool experience, build a deck around it! You’ll love sitting on deck chairs or at tables and looking down into your stock tank pool. You can jump in without having to climb all the way over the side.

Hot tub

With a wood burning water heater, you can turn your stock tank pool into a hot tub that you can enjoy year round! An efficient wood stove will heat up the water and keep it circulating, with no pumps or electricity required.

Benefits of a stock tank pool in landscape design

Stock tank pools are much more affordable than conventional swimming pools, either above ground or in ground. For a small fraction of the price that it would cost to install a swimming pool, you can have your stock tank pool set up and ready to swim in, in no time at all!

Stock tanks are also more intimate and cozy than a standard swimming pool. They give an intimate feel to your landscape design, since they are a water element that is available for people to swim in it, but which is small enough to not feel like you have an Olympic size pool in your back yard.

Decoration ideas for stock tank pools in landscape design

Pair your metal and water element with wood. Put a wooden deck around your stock tank pool, install wood siding around the side of it, or place a beautiful wooden pergola over the top of it.

Lighting is key. You can create a charming, inviting space for evening gatherings or nighttime dips with a string of solar lights. You will love the way the light twinkles on the water and shines on the rustic metal tub.

Surround it with plants. Water is the element we associate most with lush, verdant plant growth. When you have a water element that has no plants around it, it seems out of place, like a swimming pool in the middle of the desert. But surround it with plants and it becomes a luxurious oasis. The space around a stock tank pool is the perfect spot for a container garden, especially if you have a deck partially or completely surrounding the stock tank.

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