FiveSTAR Makes you feel at Home

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Folsom Landscapers help clients feel at home in their landscaping

FiveSTAR Makes you feel at Home

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Landscaping: to modify or ornament (a natural landscape) by altering the plant cover

Whether you are looking for Landscape Design in Sacramento, Landscaping in Roseville or Landscape Design in El Dorado Hills, FiveSTAR Landscape can help!

While that definition is correct, it does seem to be pretty narrow! Plant cover, what about decks, arbors, streambeds, boulders, water features, walls, patios? I would consider those all part of the landscaping in your yard.

All of these elements and more are so important to the “feel” of your home. Have you ever been in a yard that just did not feel right? Maybe it was just as simple as an element in the wrong place. A wall placed a little to the right or left, a little taller or shorter, can make a world of difference.

The “plant cover” in a yard is easy to change!

It is the permanent features that make a larger impact on the overall feel long-term. Walls, concrete, shade structures, water features these are all much harder to change in the long run, not to mention more expensive, than changing a few plants. Don’t get me wrong, having to replace a lot of plant material that is not thriving in your landscape will be expensive too, but with a little research selecting the correct plants will be a piece of cake.

The Perfect Landscape Design?

There are a lot of challenges in designing the “perfect” landscape. What do you want to use your yard for, entertaining, room for children or pets to play, an outdoor kitchen, just a quiet oasis from the craziness of the outside world? These are all important things to keep in mind BEFORE starting to put in the permanent features.

Experienced Landscape Architect or Landscape Consultant

An experienced Landscape Architect or Landscape Consultant will be able to take cues from your conversation to create a space that you may have not even known that you were looking for. Often the cues do not even come directly from you, while sitting at your kitchen table discussing what you are looking for, a talented Consultant will be able to see your style and be able to translate that flair into an amazing yard. Colors, patterns, textures all of those things in your home will help the consultant take your vision, even those you didn’t realize you had, and turn them into the landscaping of your dreams. The experienced Landscape Architects and Consultants of FiveSTAR Landscape in Folsom can help you with those translations.

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