How to Make Your Backyard Kid Friendly

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Landscaping is often about themes, and at FiveSTAR Landscape, we work with homeowners that want to give their backyard a specific look and feel – often tailored to a specific audience. Themed backyards and gardens can be a lot of fun, and one of our most popular themes is a Kid’s themed backyard. This blog is all about how to make your backyard kid friendly.

What is a Kid’s Backyard

A kid’s backyard is exactly like it sounds – a backyard that is designed specifically for kids. An example would be a princess themed backyard with a small castle, a moat, and other features that excite any young girl that may play in it.

Of course, princess backyard landscape designs are pretty uncommon, and often slightly on the pricier side of landscape design. Yet if you want to turn your backyard into one that is very child-friendly, the following are some of the most popular features you can add:

  • Secret Hiding Areas

One very popular addition is a secret hiding area that your child can adapt for their imagination. You can create a beautiful pathway surrounded by plants that leads to a small hideout that your child can use for any purpose, and lets them feel like they’re in a forest or tropical paradise when they play with their friends.

  • Streams and Waterfalls

Koi ponds and other higher-upkeep water features may not be ideal in a backyard made for kids, since kids tend to get messy and have accidents. But you can consider creating a beautiful self-sustaining stream that kids can splash in, or a waterfall that kids can watch and/or hide behind. Children don’t always notice a landscape’s beauty, but most children get excited with simple, difficult to break water features.

  • Sandbox

Sandboxes are very popular with children, and easy to build for your landscaper. Your landscape designer can dedicate a part of your land to the sandbox and design it in such a way that it appears more like a Zen garden or an landscape feature than a child’s play area.

  • Labyrinths/Mazes

While it requires a much larger property, a labyrinth is a very popular addition to larger landscapes. Great for playing tag or impressing friends, families that create a maze in their backyard often spend hours upon hours of time back there finding ways to make it exciting. Upkeep can be a bit of a hassle, but the overall picture (and the way it highlights your landscape design) is a very popular one.

  • Tea Party Wood Tables and Other Make Belief

Children love to play on logs, play make belief on tables, and more. You can add all of those to your landscape very easily. Create log chairs that are the height of your children, add a small table, create wooden steps – you can even design them around a game, like Mario, and create mushrooms and enemies that will be fun for your growing child.

There Are No Limits

The Greater Sacramento area has a lot of homes that with decent sized properties, and is a popular area for families. There is a lot to work with, and if you contact your Sacramento landscaper, you will no doubt be able to come up with some possible landscape design that is perfect for your child’s needs.

How happy would your child be with a MineCraft themed landscape? What about their own basketball court? What about a swing set? There are many possibilities, and all it takes is your imagination. Contact FiveSTAR Landscape today and let’s talk about your vision and what we can do for your child.

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