How to Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

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One of the most important parts to a new landscape is maintenance.

Do you know how to prepare your landscape for winter? Even the simplest landscapes require at least a small bit of maintenance every year, and with the weather quickly cooling and winter just around the corner, now is the best time to make sure you’re doing your winter landscaping maintenance so that your property looks its best the upcoming year.

Common winter maintenance may include bush trimming, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, or even just general tree thinning.

Depending on how overgrown your landscape is will depend on the type of tree service you need. You can attempt to trim your own trees if the branches are within reach but you should never attempt to trim your trees if you have to climb on something higher than a ladder.

Climbing and scaling trees should be left to the professionals. Whether you have palm trees, oak trees or any other type of tall growing tree, consult with the tree trimming experts in your area before attempting a major overhaul on your landscape design.

Tips for Winter Landscape Maintenance

  • Nitrogen to Lawn – Most lawns can use one last dose of nitrogen fertilizer before the new year. This fertilizer will help your grass survive the winter and will help it stay green in the upcoming spring.
  • Trim Shrubs and Trees – Tree pruning is much easier during this time of year, and will give your tree some room to grow by the time spring rolls around.
  • Rake Constantly – Although leaving grass clippings on your lawn can be good for its health, tree leaves can actually block sunlight and do damage to your lawn. Ideally, make sure you’re keeping all leaves off of the ground as best you can.
  • Cover and Protect – Winter is actually a very common time for lawn disease, and it may be a useful time for lawn disease treatment. While it rarely snows in Sacramento, there are still lawn diseases out there that could harm your turf.

Now is also a great time to make any landscape changes that you wanted to make because the winter months are when prices drop and landscape installation is easier to schedule. So if you also planned to do any updates/upgrades to your landscape, making sure they’re scheduled now can be to your advantage.

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