Introduction to Water Conservation in Sacramento

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Introduction to Water Conservation in Sacramento, California

Water Conservation in Sacramento, California

The issue of water conservation in our Northern California homes and yards is an important part of Sacramento landscape design. While the aesthetics of any landscape are at the forefront of any contractors mind, the fundamentals of water, the life source of any landscape, should never be overlooked. Due to the overuse of water in our local areas, streams, wetlands, and even our precious Folsom Lake are beginning to get dangerously low on fresh, natural water. According to the EPA, an average American uses nearly 100 gallons of water a day and beautiful landscape design can be a huge culprit in water expenditure. Not only can this lead to low water quality and sink holes, the effects on any household budget can be appalling.

water conservation is a lot easier than you think

Whether you are dealing with a current backyard design or you are in the process of working with a landscape construction company, water conservation is a lot easier than you think. This is why we are taking the entire month of January to dedicate our articles to water conservation made easy for everyone. Landscaping smart doesn’t just mean making sure that you have to keep up with maintenance, it also includes creating a systematic way to use water to its full capacity.

Blooming flowers, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, and Folsom

Because there is so much more to a beautiful yard than blooming flowers, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, and Folsom lawn care services are the first place of action all homeowners should start to transform their green backyards into Eco-friendly terrain. Among many other issues we will primarily be focusing on these issues as we delve deeper in Sacramento landscaping and California water conservation.

  • Dealing with Low Rainfall: Learning how to minimize sprinkler use while also keeping your lawn healthy and lively, doesn’t completely have to rely on natural rainfall. In California, where we routinely experience drought, there are a wide array of storm runoff and water techniques that can save your beautiful El Dorado Hills landscape.
  • Designing to Conserve: From the initial plans to the actual follow through, giving your home an excellent landscape design that utilizes natural water conservation is a great way to save on your monthly water bills as well as doing your part for the planet.
  • California Native Plants: Using local resources to create your dream terrace or water feature, can help you protect your soil and plants as well as minimize water consumption on a daily basis. Learn more about how to update your plants to be more effective.
  • Save the Planet, Cut Your Water Bill: Being Eco-friendly doesn’t have to be about minimizing your Sacramento landscape. You can work with a Sacramento landscaper to get a water efficient landscape and cut that expensive water bill in half.
  • Sprinklers and Lawn Care Services: We offer lawn care services in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, and all surrounding areas. This includes helping you set and regulate your sprinklers for optimal usage.
  • Lawn Care Maintenance: Maintaining a green landscape is as important as using green techniques to design it. Maintenance ensures that your backyard oasis stays as beautiful and efficient as ever.
  • The Magic of Mulch: There is a lot to be said about the powers of hardscaping and mulch to use every last drop if water. Add in dry rock and mulch features to direct water to important places and make sure your water waste is next to nothing.

Water conservation is a hot topic that will redefine landscaping in Northern California. To keep your home above the fray and ensure that your Folsom lawn care services are going to help you save, stay in touch for our January series on water conservation.

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