What to Do for Landscaping When Drought Strikes Sacramento

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Droughts and your Folsom Landscape Design

Droughts and your Folsom Landscape Design

Winter and summer weather can put a damper on how much you need to water

When caring for your backyard in the Sacramento area, both the winter and summer weather can put a damper on how much you need to water. Northern California is experiencing, as usual, a lack of rainfall which means you’ll surely be turning on your sprinklers or drip system more than you’d like to pay for.. So what do you do when nature turns against you and water resources dwindle as water prices sky rocket? There a few lawn care tips that we would like to pass along to help your plants and budget.

Dealing with a drought begins with knowing how much your plants really need to be watered. Many landscapers and gardeners in the Sacramento area will overwater their plants leading to an increase in water prices and water consumption. Every plant requires a different amount of watering and when you follow those guidelines, your beautiful El Dorado hills landscape will be sure to look beautiful on the minimal amount of water consumption.

For plant watering there are two aspects to consider, first, how much that particular kind of plant needs and the amount of evapotranspiration occurs in each plant. Evapotranspiration, for those of you who are not Landscape contractors, is the amount of water that is evaporated through the leaves of a plant. Basically, it means how much water is lost and not actually used to benefit your landscape. Other than that, before you turn your hose on, follow these guidelines to help keep a tight lid on your water usage.

  • Get to the root: Water the roots of a plant,. The deeper the root the longer you will need to water, this means flowers will need much less water than trees. But when you water directly to the root, you ensure that no water is wasted on the rest of the plant.
  • Water in the morning: Watering in the morning is the best way to beat the Sacramento sun and keep water from evaporating and dehydrating your beautiful backyard. Watering in the morning means you avoid the evening frost and you get your plants hydrated before the heat of the day.
  • Use the right tool: Consult a Folsom or Sacramento lawn care services professional on what type of tools you should use for your watering. Some places will need a sprinkler and for others a hose will do just fine. But watering the right way can save on hundreds of gallons of water a week.

Knowing how to manage a lawn or landscape in a drought is the first step to water conservation in Northern California. Making sure that you have healthy soil and deep rooted systems can make all the difference in preventing overuse of your sprinklers. As for your sprinkler system, by ensuring it is a manageable and newer model, your sprinklers should be able to be programmed to use minimal water for optimal greenness. Your Sacramento landscape design doesn’t have to go out the window just because the clouds fail to show up.

Other options for your home in a drought include drought tolerant grasses, higher mowed grass, and lawn alternatives like xeriscaping to promote optimal green efficiency. Keeping your home safe from the drought without overusing our most vital natural resources begins and ends with great lawn care services and landscape design planning.

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