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Labyrinth Landscaping: Creating a Kid-Friendly, Visually Stunning Landscape Design

One of the keys to a successful landscape design is uniqueness. You want your landscape to be something that no one has seen before, so that when people come across your landscape they are impressed by the brilliance and originality.

A fascinating way to add originality to your landscape design is by adding a labyrinth – a maze created in your backyard that can make a visual impact on your property.

Types of Labyrinth Landscaping

Labyrinths are popular in movies, as large outdoor mazes that are usually adorned in vines or made from bushes. They have a “magical” quality to them, which is why some treat labyrinths almost like a Zen garden. There are two different types of labyrinth landscape designs to choose from:

  • High Mazes – One is the traditional labyrinth: a maze that someone needs to enter and solve. These are rare to see in modern landscape designs, but could be great additions to large backyards – especially if you need a kid-friendly location for games like tag.
  • Flat Labyrinths – More common in Sacramento backyards is the flat labyrinth, like the one in the photo. These designs are meant more for relaxation, and kids can “pretend” play in the maze while their parents watch.

FiveSTAR Landscape is happy to build the former, but the latter is also something you may want to consider with your landscape design. The flat labyrinths allow your landscape to have a very creative design that stands out visually. It’s also a great place for your child’s imagination, and many believe that these types of designs have spiritual components as well, so they’re great for adults that want to create a calmer atmosphere for themselves.

When you think of landscape designs, you may not automatically consider labyrinths. But there are some real benefits, and since many of the homes around Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, etc. have large enough properties to handle a more unique landscape design, you may want to consider the labyrinth.

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