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Why Go Native?

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Many new homeowners find that there is so much more to lawn maintenance than simply mowing and watering your lawn. In today’s climate, you’ll find that a dry California means a dry landscape design and the work to combat the fire hazard that was your backyard will become increasingly more time consuming and expensive as water prices rocket. Native plants are a functional and attractive alternative for landscapers and homeowners alike who are looking to maintain beauty without sacrificing much effort. The natural beauty of California native plants will not only give your back yard a taste of the raw beauty of our state but will also be a safe way to guarantee that your lawn will weather the weather. In the basic mechanics of switching to a native based garden, your landscape will save you thousands in water bills, hours in maintenance, and also support the invitation of natural wildlife. That’s right, you’ll be able to go bird watching from your own back yard.

How does Native help your Sacramento Landscape?

Landscape Architect Blueprints and CAD Design

Going native is a term used for switching to alternative California native plants rather than traditional landscape designs. This option is the best one for our entire California ecology. By using native plants in your own projects you can enable statewide efforts to increase natural habitats for our wildlife and natural growth. By choosing this option for your landscape in Sacramento, you can be one of the many whose efforts make a difference in supporting our natural habitats without ever having to sacrifice the beauty and splendor of a unique landscape design with a Fivestar landscaper.

Will Native Make My Folsom Backyard look like a desert?

Many worries we hear from clients are that they don’t want their yard to look like a desert. You mention the words xeriscaping or drought tolerant and they instantly imagine tumble weeds in the desert of Arizona. This just simply is not the case. Native or drought tolerant means that we find any plant that you find beautiful that also thrives in our area and we create a landscaping option for you that emphasizes your landscape desires. You can have it all: dream landscape, drought tolerant, and low maintenance. From arbors and concrete to synthetic turf and natural plants, you just might find that we are exactly what you’ve been looking for in your landscaping adventure.

How do I begin going Native?

To start the process of developing your own California Native Garden, make a free consultation or estimate with one of our experts. A meeting with us will help you determine a budget and a vision that you will certainly be thrilled with. Using drought tolerant plants that our native to our area may be your water wise landscaping solution. For information about what kinds of native plants you might visit some of the following sites:

In times when the world seems to be overruled with runoff and waste, take time to transform your yard into a dream landscape filled with the natural beauty of our state.

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