Landscape Design with Sacramento Rainfall In Mind

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Landscape Design with Sacramento Rainfall In Mind

Landscape Design with Sacramento Rainfall In Mind

When it Rains, it Pours: Sacramento Landscape Design Tips

Foresight is said to be one of the most valuable assets to any venture, and because your new landscape renovation can be an extremely expensive issue, considering the importance of water conservation is a smart way to plan on saving money. When the rain stops coming, as it often does in Folsom and Sacramento, you will be turning to your home’s sprinkler system before you know it and just like that your water bills will spike. However, modern landscape design has many new ways to plan for these issues.

There are plenty of ways to get the landscape of your dreams while also planning for the lack of liquid resources in Northern California.

  • First, during landscape design it is important to consider the needs of each plant. Some will require hours of watering a week while others only a few minutes here and there. Placing high maintenance shrubs and trees together can be a quick way to drain your soil of resources while also requiring extra watering as the two plants compete. However, picking only a few higher maintenance pieces to add to your lawn can cut the water needs down very efficiently.
  • Similarly, planning on the placement of inclines and dips in the land can create a natural runoff whenever the excess water of one part of the lawn will slide to and water another part all together. This is often called Xeriscaping which we will discuss much more in depth during the month of January in our Water conservation series. Folsom and Sacramento landscape designers ought to be fully aware of ways to manipulate the terrain and layout of your yard to best use all the water that is available.
  • Finally, Landscape design can include some hidden elements like drainage pipes, gravel, and other hardscape to lead water from one part of your landscape to another. Hard to mow areas or rock landscape design can efficiently utilize one sprinkler or drip system for an entire section of your new backyard. Innovative designs and landscapers are the first step and most vital step to creating a green getaway as well as an eco-friendly one.

As you begin your landscape renovation, keep the importance of green design in mind before moving into the execution phase.

Ask your Sacramento landscape contractor about ways to turn any terrain into an ecofriendly oasis. For those not looking to renovate an entire space, there are all sorts of small landscape repair options that can work as a little pick me up for any landscape dilemma. You are never out of options and the best place to start for water conservation is right outside you front door.

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