Overall Water Conservation Tips

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Water Conservation Tips by FiveSTAR


  • Plan Your Garden

Having a landscape that survives the driest of years begins with a good game plan. For your Sacramento landscape opt for a strategic watering plan. Pick the days and times you will water and stick to them. That is what matters the most.

  • Ditch the turf

Your home can have curb appeal without grass. It’s easier than you’d imagine when you meet with a great landscaper in the Folsom area. We know how to work without grass. Grass uses the most water of any landscaping option so when you migrate away from the traditional lawn you will find plenty of water bill savings.

  • Get a good design

Meet with a landscape designer who has Xeriscape in mind. A Folsom backyard has lots of potential but it often takes professional to unlock the hidden potential of your landscape. Choose a gardener or landscape designer with lots of Xeriscaping experience. They will be the most beneficial.

  • Upgrade your irrigation

Your irrigation is getting old just like plenty of others, it’s likely time to get a better system. Upgrading your irrigation can save you thousands of gallons of water waste on a yearly basis. That is a huge cut in water prices and it can help you streamline your watering efforts for better results.

  • Drainage matters

If your water is draining into the street, you are wasting it and likely this year you will see huge fines for such a blatant waste. Instead, you need to manage your drainage to get a better grip on how and when your landscape will benefit from drainage. Some landscape designs an even use the runoff to water other segments of your lawn by redirecting wasted water. Learn more about how you can take care of your water today by making a free consultation with one of our designers.

  • Mulch helps

We can swear by mulch. We do swear by mulch. It is a magic ingredient to keeping good care of your landscaping details. It can keep water in, protect your plants from extreme temperatures and even introduce new nutrients to the water. We don’t recommend that you ever skimp on the mulch for plant life.

  • Get some help

Most importantly, you don’t have to learn about water conservation all by yourself. Pick up the phone and make a consultation today with one of our highly qualified experts. They can help you determine the best way save water on your landscape while keeping it beautiful. Also, many maintenance programs offer xeriscape lawn care so that you can preserve your water wise landscape.

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