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What are Permeable Paver Stones?

Paver Stone Patio and Walkway Design

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What are Permeable Paver Stones?

The concept seems not to make sense. Stone is by definition not water permeable – or at least it is not very water permeable. Some stones, such as sandstone, do let water permeate very slowly, but still not quickly enough to be able to manage runoff or make a difference for the functionality of your patio, walkway, or driveway. So what are permeable paver stones and how do they work?

Paver Stones Designed and Engineered to Drain Well and Withstand Weather

Permeable Paver Stones

Permeable paver stones are paver stones that are designed with gaps in between the stones when they interlock. No matter how tightly you fit these stones, the built-in gaps let water run through like a sieve. The stones themselves do not let water through, but the spaces between the stones are where the magic happens.

When we install permeable paver stones, we lay a thick bed of gravel down first. This is where your drainage comes from. If you have an area that gets a ton of water flowing through, you may want us to put in a French drain or some sort of robust drainage system underneath the gravel. This prevents erosion from water flow. On top of the gravel base, we install the permeable paver stones. When water splashes on them, it sinks right down in between the stones and into the gravel. This means that you don’t ever have problems with puddles on the streets, and runoff stops being a problem.

Permeable paver stones are great for Residential Applications

Permeable Paver Stones

They allow you to use your patio even if it has been raining or you have just watered the garden. They let you walk on your walkways or driveway with confidence, knowing that you are not going to slip on a slick puddle of water. They keep you from getting puddles on your paved areas, and they help to keep the rest of your yard puddle free as well.

Permeable paver stones are also wonderful for businesses

As a business owner, you are unfortunately liable for any preventable injury that people have while on your property. Wet and slick surfaces are a big problem, as they make it very easy for people to hurt themselves. If you have permeable paver stones on the outside of your business, you reduce the risk of injury to your workers and customers dramatically.

One of the most exciting uses for permeable paver stones is for city planning and municipalities

Storm-water runoff is a major problem for city planning. Many more car accidents happen when it rains because the streets get slick. And drivers can lose control of their cars or hydroplane if they hit a puddle unexpectedly. Permeable paver stones solve all of these problems. They allow the water to flow below the streets, not on the streets, so that the streets themselves stay safe and dry for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a municipal employee working on the roads, permeable pavers may be the perfect option for you. They increase safety and make roads and walkways accessible, even during heavy rain. Permeable pavers also are ecologically friendly because they reduce runoff. Runoff is very difficult to control, and it results in a lot of water being wasted. In a place like California, which has been dealing with major droughts for years, every drop of rainwater that falls is important and needed. Permeable pavers allow city planners to shunt water to reservoirs instead of letting it be wasted as runoff. They reduce erosion and make it easier for everyone to live in the city.

Permeable pavers are fantastic for playgrounds

Kids need to be able to get out and play, regardless of if the ground is wet. With permeable pavers, parents do not have to worry about the playground being too wet for kids to play there. The danger of injury from slipping is minimized. In playgrounds and public areas, concrete and paved surfaces may become wet just from watering the plants. Permeable pavers keep kids safe, no matter why the surfaces are wet.

Give The Paver Company a call today and find out how permeable pavers can help your home, business, or city!

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