What to Plant for Water Conservation

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What to Plant for Water Conservation and Drought Tolerant Landscaping?

Plant for Water Conservation

Water Conservation with Landscape Design

Beyond landscape design, it’s essential to water conservation to choose plants that need little water to survive and stay healthy.

Many landscape contractors in the Northern California area are utilizing these natural resources to help make beautiful landscape design as well as ensure that every customers is happy with the longevity of their landscape solutions. In Northern California there is an entire website dedicated to the study and use of plants native to the dry California climate. But for those of your who are looking for a crash course in local plants and water conservation, here are some options for planting water saving options into your dream landscape.

Nutrient Rich Soil for Drought Resistant Landscaping

When you begin planting in your landscape, make sure that you have ample healthy and nutrient rich soil, space for each plant, and access to water sources to help your plants keep from going into shock when planted. Also, before picking plants keep in mind the amount of sunshine, air pollutants, and drainage is available to the planting site. This can determine how well any plant will survive as well as optimize it for the best use of water and minimize waste.

Now that you are ready to plant, Folsom lawn care service professionals use a wide variety of native or durable plants that you may not be aware of. Here are some options for plants that save on water and energy to keep your landscape looking beautiful no matter what. Wildflowers like the blazing star are great for low water locations due to their durability in the American prairie. Similarly, your Sacramento landscape may benefit from perennials such as Penstemons which grow deep roots and absorb even the hardest to get bits of water. Other water conserving plants include herbs like sage and rosemary which serve a double function of providing your kitchen with fresh home grown seasonings. In a more general sense, find things that naturally grown in dry areas and remain beautiful all year long. Trees like sequoias and other evergreens are low maintenance and give a landscape an earthy wild vibe for you to relax in.

Navigating water conservation is about providing a beautiful backyard for yourself while also utilizing the natural resources at hand. Keep in mind that while rain may be scarce, there are wild plants that survive without a sprinkler system. A landscape designer should be able to give you a plethora of eye pleasing options to prevent the overuse of our states dwindling water resources.

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